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Wesley Memorial and Gardens

St. Simons Island is a vacation destination packed with places to discover and explore. While many visitors make their way to the lovely beaches, restaurants, and entertainment venues St. Simons Island hosts, others are looking for more hidden away gems that are worth encountering. For those travelers with a passion for off the beaten path discoveries, be sure to carve out time on the itinerary for a trip to the Wesley Gardens and Memorial. This lush and rather hidden away locale is an incredible reminder of the island’s link to religion. It’s also a place that promises to provide a peaceful and serene setting quite unlike any other a person could find on St. Simons Island.

Sitting at 6510 Frederica Road, the Wesley Memorial and Gardens at the Wesley Memorial Methodist Church is a dual monument and natural space that commemorates Charles and John Wesley who are credited with founding the Methodist church. The garden itself sprawls across two acres of land and is packed with stunning trees, plants and flowers. The garden sits just adjacent to the Wesley Memorial Methodist Church and is filled with benches for those interested in spending some time quietly appreciating the beauty of the surroundings. While the flora and fauna are sure to inspire, visitors are often impressed and intrigued by the Celtic stone cross that stretches 18 feet into the air and sits in the center of the Wesley gardens. The cross is engraved with a tribute to both God and the Wesley brothers for their contributions to the world and their faith.

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