Wesley Memorial and Gardens

Thing To Do Wesley Memorial and Gardens

Wesley Memorial and Gardens

6510 Frederica Road

St. Simons Island, Georgia 31522

St. Simons Island is a vacation destination packed with places to discover and explore. While many visitors make their way to the lovely beaches, restaurants, and entertainment venues St. Simons Island hosts, others are looking for more hidden away gems that are worth encountering. For those travelers with a passion for off the beaten path discoveries, be sure to carve out time on the itinerary for a trip to the Wesley Gardens and Memorial. This lush and rather hidden away locale is an incredible reminder of the island’s link to religion. It’s also a place that promises to provide a peaceful and serene setting quite unlike any other a person could find on St. Simons Island.

Sitting at 6510 Frederica Road, the Wesley Memorial and Gardens at the Wesley Memorial Methodist Church is a dual monument and natural space that commemorates Charles and John Wesley who are credited with founding the Methodist church. The garden itself sprawls across two acres of land and is packed with stunning trees, plants and flowers. The garden sits just adjacent to the Wesley Memorial Methodist Church and is filled with benches for those interested in spending some time quietly appreciating the beauty of the surroundings. While the flora and fauna are sure to inspire, visitors are often impressed and intrigued by the Celtic stone cross that stretches 18 feet into the air and sits in the center of the Wesley Gardens. The cross is engraved with a tribute to both God and the Wesley brothers for their contributions to the world and their faith.

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Nearby Landmarks to Explore and Discover

Taking time to enjoy the beauty and meaningful history that’s woven into the Wesley Memorial and Gardens is a great way to connect with the St. Simons Island landscape while you’re in town. Luckily, this area of the island is also home to a variety of other meaningful stops that are bound to be just as inspiring when you’re looking to expand your itinerary to include even more fun! When you’re here, head over to the Fort Frederica National Monument which is located at 6515 Frederica Road. The remnants of this fort are impressive to behold and date back to 1736. During this time, Fort Frederica played a strategic and important role in protecting the island from Spanish invasions. At it’s most populated, the fort housed over 630 British troops. The fort is open daily between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm and guided tours of the area are always available upon request. As an added benefit, a trip to Fort Frederica National Monument comes with the opportunity to simply savor the view. The fort sits near the shoreline, making it a wonderful place to capture photographs or enjoy the sweeping vistas that come free of charge.

The Stables at Frederica

Situated at 150 Frederica Stables Drive, The Stables at Frederica are a fantastic place to spend an afternoon when you’re looking to enjoy the scenic beauty of St. Simons Island utilizing a one of a kind mode of transportation. While The Stables at Frederica functions as a horse boarding destination, it’s also a place where visitors can stop when they’re looking to enjoy riding lessons or can’t wait to participate in a group trail ride through inspiring terrain. You don’t have to be an expert to make the most of this excursion. The team at The Stables at Frederica is ready and waiting with the gear you’ll need for a safe and successful day of riding as well as thorough instructions that are provided before you ever hit the saddle. Up to 10 riders can be accommodated at a time, making this an ideal option whether you prefer a private experience or a group activity. Guests are invited to customize their rides to focus on beach journeys, marsh adventures, forested trails, or pony rides for the little ones! Trail rides can range anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half depending on how much time you have set aside for equestrian fun!

Guale Preserve

While St. Simons Island is filled with options for in-town fun, it’s also a place where mother nature does some of her finest work that should definitely be admired. Guale Preserve, located at 110 Lawrence Road, is one of those protected and pristine areas that truly captures the heart of wild St. Simons Island and works tirelessly to preserve and protect the natural beauty this destination possesses. Guale Preserve boasts over 258 acres of protected grounds that are open to the public daily between 7:30 am and 6:00 pm. Outdoor enthusiasts will find that this land is well-worth taking time to savor thanks to its collection of foliage that encompasses a variety of ecosystems that thrive. Guale Preserve is one of the unique destinations on the island where visitors can come to admire the Gopher Tortoise which is the state of Georgia’s official reptile. The lush landscape that makes up Guale Preserve provides those with a passion for bird watching an opportunity to do so in a unique style. Be sure to grab your binoculars and make the most of the winding preserve trails while keeping your eyes peeled on the treetops above.

Savory Stops Along the Way

Whether you spend the vast majority of your day at the Wesley Memorial and Gardens or find yourself lingering at Fort Frederica National Monument, chances are the adventures will leave you with quite an appetite. When you’re ready to put exploring on hold and can’t wait to dine in style, there are a few options you’ll want to consider in the area. Bennie’s Red Barn is a popular stop when you’re craving some of those traditional American dishes that are sure to please. Located at 5514 Frederica Road, Bennie’s Red Barn is the place to be when you can’t wait to sink your teeth into everything from pasta and steak to sensational seafood.

In the event you find yourself needing to start your day right before ever heading out to explore nearby attractions, Café Frederica at 110 Sylvan Boulevard is an inviting destination to try out. This charming café is open from 7:30 am until 2:00 pm daily and serves up delightful dishes featuring everything from pancakes and French toast to omelets and hash. If you find yourself here closer to lunch, you can’t go wrong with their selection of salads or sandwiches. Counter-seating is always available at Café Frederica, making you feel like a local no matter how far away home may be from St. Simons Island.

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