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Fort Frederica National Monument

Visitors to St. Simons Island today love this pristine destination for its many sandy beaches, beautiful marshlands, and small-town island feel. Between the natural beauty, entertainment and atmosphere, St. Simons Island has made a name for itself as a place that promises enchanting encounters, rest and relaxation. But it’s also a place with a rich history and intricate past. Those with a passion for understanding the role of a single city within the context of a larger, historical story will appreciate a stop at St. Simon Island’s Fort Federica National Monument. Before it was a highly-regarded vacation destination, St. Simons Island played an important role in Georgia’s history and the tale is well-preserved at this impeccable national monument.

Turning the Tides of Conflict

The state of Georgia’s official colonial founding in 1733 didn’t mean it was out from under the threat of attack. Fort Frederica was built not long after in an attempt to fend off any aggressive assaults that came from the Spanish residing in nearby Florida. Fort Frederica was conceptualized and designed by General James Edward Oglethorpe, who quickly recognized that Georgia’s location put it directly in disputed land zones battled over between the British and Spanish. The fort was designed over a span of 40 acres of land on today’s St. Simon Island as a fortified military zone that also housed a community safely within its walls. Its strategic island location allowed residents and leaders to keep a close eye on vessels making their way towards the coastline. Over 600 troops were stationed at Fort Frederica and their efforts at keeping the Spanish attacks at bay ultimately proved successful and solidified Georgia’s standing as a colony.

Visiting Fort Frederica National Monument Today

Those traveling to St. Simons Island today are encouraged to come and visit one of the best St. Simons Island Attractions that immortalizes the valiant efforts made at Fort Frederica all those years ago. A visit to the site includes an opportunity to take in a 23-minute historical film about the fort at the visitor’s center. Guests can also opt to participate in a ranger-led tour of the fort for a more intimate look at the structure and insightful back stories that bring history to life.

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