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East Beach

As visitors set off in pursuit of a vacation spent on St. Simons Island, there are inevitably plenty of travelers with images of pristine beaches in their minds. Those who love to soak up the sun on stretches of beautiful, sandy coastline won’t be disappointed in the many options available for doing exactly that on St. Simons Island. This charming destination off the coats of Georgia has long been loved for its scenic beaches but of all of the choices available to visitors, East Beach on St. Simons stands out as one of the area’s premier places to take to the sand for a day.

A Sandy Haven of Fun

With a convenient access point at 4202 1st Street, East Beach stretches along the ocean side of St. Simons Island, making it a popular and particularly intriguing place to spend an afternoon. It’s not uncommon to hear East Beach referred to as St. Simons Island Beach by locals who recognize their particular area’s wonderful features and have designated it according to its island namesake. This is an extremely family-friendly beach that provides just as many opportunities to lounge as it does to get out on the water and have a thrilling ride on a wind-kite, jet ski or boogie board.

Making the Most of East Beach

The tides that belong to East Beach result in a sandy surface that is tightly packed. For outdoor enthusiasts, this provides the perfect surface for beach biking. The fact that East Beach on St. Simons links up seamlessly with Gould’s Inlet and the U.S. Coast Guard Station means beach bikers have ample opportunity to hit the sand on two wheels and take in some fun scenery while they’re at it. If you happen to be traveling with pets, it’s good to note that East Beach is a dog-friendly destination. On-site restrooms and showers keep a visit to East beach comfortable and convenient, no matter how you choose to pass the time. Those who love to fish will want to show up at East Beach on days and hours when the tide is at its lowest for some spectacular opportunities to reel in a great catch.

Play and Stay on St. Simons Island

Whether you spend your time beach hopping or choose to spend your time soaking up the sun exclusively on East Beach, St. Simons Island promises to bring the sand and surf in a big way! While you’re here, let the team at Lilmar Vacations handle your accommodation bookings so you can make the most of your time on the beach. We’ll help you find and book a beautiful vacation rental property that provides the space, comfort and luxurious quality you deserve like 432 Beach Club or Beachwalk Cottage.


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