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Romantic Activities for Couples on St Simons Island

Whether you are falling in slowly or already in a committed relationship, St Simons Island is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic getaway. Our island home has a variety of incredible St Simons Island things to do that will provide a wonderful getaway with your loved one. Take a look at how you can romance the isles right here on St Simons Island:

Aerial Tours with Coastal Biplane Tours

There is nothing more romantic than booking a private tour with your loved one that will have you explore St Simons Island by air. Coastal Biplane Tours offers just that, private flights aboard their coastal biplanes with flights that range in length for up to an hour. Their most popular flight option will take you all over St Simons Island, Jekyll Island, and even Cumberland Island (and its miniature side island that has wild horses living on it). Seasoned pilots will navigate your tour for a memorable experience.

Book a Couple's Massage

Find a new level of relaxation by booking a couple's massage during your stay on St Simons Island. Take your loved one over to Misty's Elementary Massage where you can find one of the finest massage studios on the island. The spa will take care of all your needs including facials, massages, and more. The easy booking and friendly staff will have you going back again in no time.

Romantic Dining at Del Sur Artisan Eats

Take your loved one out to a romantic meal right here on St Simons Island at Del Sur Artisan Eats. This intimate restaurant features an ambient interior and delicious fusion of Argentinian and Italian menu. Guests will feel like they are part of the family with the friendly service. Expect a lengthy wine list to choose from and white table clothes adorned at each table. Romance has never tasted so good.

Book Your Vacation Rental

Our selection of vacation rentals includes plenty of cozy properties that are the perfect size for couples. Skip out on the large expansive homes and instead get a cozy condominium or smaller home that features plenty of luxury amenities such as hot tubs. Don't get stuck at a tiny hotel room with no features when you plan for a romantic stay on St Simons Island.

Romantic St Simons Island Things to Do

As you can see there are plenty of ways to spend a romantic getaway right here on St Simons Island. Book today to find the best vacation rental in our selection.
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