Category: Holidays on St Simons Island

Posted on 5/9/2022

Stay in St. Simons Island this Memorial Day

The summer season is quickly approaching so make sure to start planning for Memorial Day today. Most people see Memorial Day weekend as the start of summer and use the weekend to plan for an incredible vacation getaway. A trip to St. Simons Island is exactly what you need for the best use of your

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Posted on 4/12/2022

Celebrate Easter in St. Simons Island, Georgia

If you need an excuse to plan for your next vacation getaway look no further than the Easter holiday coming up soon. Every April, families get together to celebrate one of the year's biggest holiday traditions. You can make the most of the spring season by spending your Easter

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Posted on 12/7/2021

Christmas 2021 in St. Simons Island

As the temperatures continue to dip around the country, you know that the holiday season will be here before you know it. Christmas is practically at our doorstep here on St. Simons Island. If you have not experienced our travel destination during the holidays, you will be in for quite the treat.

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Posted on 11/9/2021

Enjoy a Thanksgiving 2021 Getaway to St. Simons Island

Just like that we have already begun our way through autumn, and soon enough the holiday season will be upon us. Traveling to St. Simons Island during the holidays is always one of our favorite reasons to come visit. The cooler weather means that the travel season is slower, allowing you to

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Posted on 6/21/2021

4th of July 2021 in St. Simons Island

We all know how difficult of a year 2020 was across the world, and many large events were cancelled throughout the year. Luckily, things have nearly returned to normal here in St. Simons Island. Our vacation destination is one of the best places to visit during the summer, especially for the 4th of

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Posted on 11/3/2020

How to Enjoy a Thanksgiving 2020 Getaway to St. Simons Island

It is that time of year again when the weather begins to cool off and the feelings of holiday cheer arrive. 2020 has been a tough year for most, making it even more important to have that vacation getaway that you deserve for the holidays. Make the most of your Thanksgiving holiday with a relaxing

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Posted on 1/23/2020

3 Romantic Things To Do In St Simons Island, GA

Another new year means it's time for another Valentine's Day holiday here in St. Simons Island. Our island paradise is the perfect destination to book a romantic getaway for two. We offer a variety of romantic things to do in St Simons Island, GA to help you

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Posted on 12/20/2019

New Year's 2019 in St. Simons Island

There is nothing better than bringing in the new year with a relaxing stay in St. Simons Island. This coastal paradise features exciting events year-round that will keep you engaged and wanting to go back again. The same can be said for the New Year's events that occur on the

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Posted on 12/9/2019

St Simons Island Christmas in 2019

St. Simons Island celebrates all the exciting holidays on the calendar, but Christmas is an extra-special time of year. Make sure you enjoy the best Christmas trip imaginable by taking a look at the many ways you can celebrate a St Simons Island Christmas: Santa Cinema During the holiday season,

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Posted on 12/3/2019

A Winter St. Simons Island Getaway

There is something special about celebrating the winter season on the cozy coast of St. Simons Island. In addition to our comforting vacation rentals, you can find abundant holiday cheer and other activities to make for an inviting stay. Here is what your winter St. Simons Island getaway can look

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