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Plan a Spring Road Trip to St. Simons Island, Georgia

If you are like us, you have been waiting for the day that winter ends and spring finally rolls in. The spring season is always one of our favorite times of year right here on St. Simons Island as the temperature heats up making it even easier to enjoy many of our outdoor activities. You can plan for the perfect family trip by having a spring road trip right to St. Simons Island. Having a car will make getting around easier and plan for some thrilling activities. Take a look at how you can plan for a spring road trip to St. Simons Island:

Biking Around

Perhaps one of the best ways to get around St. Simons Island during the spring is with an adventurous bike ride with the family. The spring season features sunny skies and cool temperatures allowing you to easily stay out all day. St. Simons Island has many connecting paths along the island that make it a breeze to get around and see most of the sights in a day or two. The paths by the ocean allow for a wonderful spring breeze so you can stop for a quick beach side picnic on the sand. Local shops have all the bike rentals you need for those without one!
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Go Horseback Riding

Another great way to see the sandy beaches of St. Simons Island during the spring is with a majestic horseback ride. Find a little romance during your stay by enjoying an intimate horseback ride across the sands of St. Simons Island. The Stables at Frederica offer a wonderful tour through the woods for a memorable experience or go with the professionals at Musgrove Plantation where they offer a little history with their lessons. Horseback riding experiences are perfect for those with any level of experience from beginners to advanced riders. Pony horses are also available so the little ones can join in on the fun too!

Wildlife Watching

Hopefully you brought your binoculars because St. Simons Island is home to a variety of native wildlife to see in person. In particular the bird population is astounding with hundreds of different breeds migrating to St. Simons Island throughout the year. If you want to see the wildlife away from human settlements make the trip out to Little St. Simons Island where you can see them in the wild. The spring migration season is a great time of year to see some unique birds and other creatures visit the islands!
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Visit the St. Simons Lighthouse Museum

St. Simons Island previously was an important location for those traveling by ship as the island featured several different lighthouses. Now only five of these towers remain. The St. Simons Island Lighthouse is one of those lighthouses and is still operational on the southern tip of the island. Make the trek out to the lighthouse to visit the museum and learn all about its nautical importance for the seaboard. You will be amazed to learn how these unique buildings operate at all times of the day.

Head Over to Fort Frederica National Monument

Another important landmark for St. Simons Island is Fort Frederica National Monument. This historic fort is where Georgia secured its spot as one of the British colonies. Troops at Fort Frederica defeated the Spanish forces allowing the area to eventually develop to what it is today. Guests can explore the preserved site and learn all about its historical importance. The spring season is a great time to visit it as the crowd is typically small and the weather is beautiful. Best of all, visiting the Fort Frederica National Monument is absolutely free for all visitors.

Find the Perfect Vacation Rental

Perhaps the most important aspect to planning for any spring road trip is finding the right lodging for you and your family. If you value space and comfort look no further than our selection of vacation rentals. You will find privately owned properties that feature luxury features such as flat screen TVs, gourmet kitchens, ocean views, hot tubs, and much more. Each property is completely different and can have the perfect feel for what you are looking for. The spring season is a great time to visit as the warm weather makes for the best time of year for travel. This means you will find that most local activities and vacation rental availabilities to be better than ever. Simply browse our selection of properties and choose the one that is right for you.

Your Time to Book for the Spring Road Trip to St. Simons Island

A spring road trip has never sounded better than it does when planning for St. Simons Island. These are just a few of the many details you need to plan around for an eventual spring visit. Book a rental today and get ready for St. Simons Island.
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