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Top Features to Make Your Vacation Rental More Marketable

There's nothing more refreshing than a trip planned for a far-flung destination that promises sand, sun, and ample time to unwind in style. On the other side of the vacation experience owning a vacation rental and helping it flourish on the market can be just as invigorating! When you're excited to be a part of helping guests have an amazing stay and want to reach even more potential vacationers, the following are just a few strategies for making your vacation rental amenities even more marketable.

Pay Attention to the Exterior

Many vacation rental owners put all of their energy and attention on their rental's interior without giving much thought to the fact that the exterior is just as important when it comes to catching a prospective renter's eye. Even small upgrades like a collection of potted plants at the doorway, enhanced landscaping, or a fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference when it comes to creating appealing marketing photo galleries of your property online.

Inviting Kitchen Features

No matter where visitors decide to settle in, chances are they'll be mixing and matching their itinerary to include nights out and night indoors. If they choose your rental and don't feel like spending a lot on a local restaurant, you'll want to be sure your property's kitchen includes inviting features and appliances that make serving up breakfast, lunch, or dinner a breeze. Giving guests modern choices when it comes to culinary spaces is a great option for attracting your guests' attention and make for a one-of-a-kind getaway experience.

Access to Wi-Fi

Inevitably, many guests choose to vacation in the name of escaping the daily grind but that doesn't mean complete disconnection is always the answer to a great trip. Making sure your rental property offers up access to Wi-Fi is a must for how to make your vacation rental stand out. While those visitors on vacation will appreciate the connectivity, those who head your way with some work still to be done will find this access point essential.

Exterior Seating Options

While luxurious home additions like pools and hot tubs are amazing, you don't have to invest in anything too fancy as long as you've created an inviting outdoor oasis of some type for guests to enjoy. Charming patios, delightful decks, and even small porches equipped with rocking chairs are subtle yet inviting vacation rental amenities to let guests know they're welcome to settle into the authentic feeling of a home away from home.

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