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Summer Tips for Your Vacation Home in St. Simons Island

There's something sensationally appealing about a getaway to St. Simons Island for travelers from near and far. This inviting locale brings visitors in droves year-round, but there's no time quite as bustling or vibrant as summer on this island off the coast of Georgia. While vacationers are packing their bags and hitting the roads and skies in pursuit of time well spent on St. Simons Island, those who own vacation rentals in this area are gearing up for a ton of bookings! While summer on St. Simons Island can be exciting when it comes to meeting profit goals for vacation rental homeowners, it inevitably requires some thoughtful planning and work to get ready for these warm-weather crowds. Chances are homeowners will be faced with larger groups of visitors with plans to stay longer so being ready to help everyone have an amazing experience should be top of mind before summer arrives. The following are just a few summer vacation rental tips for making sure your vacation home in St. Simons Island is ready to go when those bookings start rolling in.

Make a Deep Clean a Priority

These days, perhaps more than ever before, guests want and deserve to know that their summer island rental is going to be meticulously cleaned and sanitized before they arrive. That's what makes investing in a full property deep clean such a priority when you're preparing to welcome warm-weather guests. A top to bottom cleaning is a good idea prior to kicking off the summer season. Then, having a cleaning crew come in between every booking is a must as well. Make sure particular attention is being paid to bathrooms, kitchens, and living spaces. You'll want to be sure not to overlook any linens or spills that might have happened inside appliances like the fridge too.

Double Check The Pool and Hot Tub

Your summer guests are bound to be excited for the multitude of activities and attractions they'll be enjoying while they're visiting St. Simons Island. That said, half the fun of a stay in a vacation rental is enjoying the luxurious extras when you're not out sightseeing. To that end, one of our extra important property rental tips is to make sure any specialized amenities like pools and hot tubs are not only looking pristine but in perfect working order. Many guests pick properties specifically for these features so ensuring they're going to get what they want is one way to guarantee an amazing customer experience and perhaps even secure future repeat bookings!

Invest in Connection

While it's true that many of your summer guests are going to be headed to St. Simons Island to make the most of time immersed in the beauty of the great outdoors, that doesn't mean that connection to the rest of the world isn't important during a stay. Rental property homeowners who invest in Wi-Fi and efficient internet often see both bookings and reviews increase in a positive direction! Adding internet to your lineup of amenities makes it easy for guests to customize their stay according to their own plans and pace. It also makes it simple to market your rental as a place where vacationers can pair a getaway with remote work options if needed. If you do have internet installed at your property, consider upgrading to a more efficient speed to attract those looking to work and play simultaneously this summer.

Include Those Helpful Extras

Summer travelers headed to St. Simons Island generally come with impressive itineraries in hand. From time at the beach to time exploring city center, there's a good chance that in their rush to get here, they may have forgotten a few essentials. That's where vacation rental property owners can step in and make an impact when it comes to guest experience. Consider adding some extras to your lineup this summer and watch guests be impressed with the effort! Even small additions like shampoo, shaving cream, toiletries or a new toothbrush can make a huge difference in helping guests feel at home. The same goes for the entertainment factor. You don't have to invest a lot in options to make guests feel extra welcome during a stay in your property. Stock the cabinets with some board games or decks of cards so guests can enjoy quality time together when they're feeling more in a tranquil mood and simply hanging out at home. These small gestures can enhance the getaway experience significantly when the weather doesn't cooperate with plans or guests have spent the day exploring and are ready to relax.

Property Management Professionals You Can Count On

Whether you own a vacation rental on St. Simons Island or you're excited to step into the vacation rental industry, the team at Lilmar Vacations has the property management team you need to elevate your business. Reach out today to learn more about our many homeowner services, get vacation rental tips, and learn how we can partner with you to create profitable and meaningful guest experiences.
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