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St Simons Island Attractions for a Historical Journey

History lovers will absolutely enjoy a historical journey to St. Simons Island. Our vacation destination features a rich history here on the East Coast that is easy for you to explore during your stay. Take a look at these St Simons Island attractions to explore during your historical journey:

Revolutionary War Sites

Several battles during the Revolutionary War and Civil War took place right here on St. Simons Island. However, some battles took place on the island even before the founding of our country. On July 7th, 1742, an outflanked British squad was ambushed and surprisingly defeated a larger Spanish force. The site of the Bloody Marsh Battle is still open for visitors. The outdoor observation area even has markers to indicate where specific instances in the battle took place. You can visit the Bloody Marsh Battle Site found just off Demere Road on St. Simons Island.

Fort Frederica

Additional battles between Great Britain and Spain took place on St. Simons Island over the years. Fort Frederica was established in 1736 on St. Simons Island to help protect this southern boundary. Fort Frederica was one of the primary sites for the Battle of Bloody Marsh and helped establish Georgia as a site for British colonies in the decades to come. Once outside military threats began to diminish, the fort was disbanded in 1749. Come see this historic site in person by visiting 6515 Frederica Rd.

Historical Lighthouses

St. Simons Island's location just off the coast of Georgia made it an important site for early naval travelers. During the 1800s, several lighthouses were built on the island to help travelers reach their destination. These lighthouses continue to be open for visitors and can be explored. We recommend starting with the St. Simons Lighthouse Museum, located just outside the village. This lighthouse was built in 1872 and replaced the original lighthouse originally built in 1810 but was destroyed by Confederate forces during the Civil War in 1861. What is unique about this lighthouse is that it still operates to help with navigation for ships. You can make it up the 129 steps of the lighthouses to reach the top and get unprecedented views of the island. Visit the St. Simons Lighthouse Museum found at 610 Beachview Drive.

More History on St. Simons Island

As you can see, there is plenty of history to explore during your stay on St. Simons Island. Reserve your vacation rental today and plan ahead for your historical journey!
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