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Book Your 2022 Summer Getaway Now!

While it may just barely be the start of the winter season it is never too early to start looking ahead to a warm summer season. The best way to spend your summer vacation is by spending it with us here on St. Simons Island. Our tropical paradise features beautiful weather and exciting attractions for a fun stay. Even better, our vacation rentals are luxury homes that offer a home away from home. When you book in advance you can guarantee one of our finest rentals while saving some money.

Save on Your Travel Costs

Each of our vacation rentals here on St. Simons Island is privately owned. Our homeowners enjoy providing a wonderful retreat for those looking to experience St. Simons Island for the first or tenth time. When you book in advance, you can often save money on travel expenses and more. Take advantage of lower plane ticket prices for booking early, then put that extra money right back into your St. Simons Island vacation to enjoy an upscale meal, purchase souvenirs, or even stay an extra day. This is especially helpful for those looking to book an extended stay with us on St. Simons Island!
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Secure Your Favorite Rental

The summer season is always our most popular season for travelers here on St. Simons Island. The increase in traffic may make it harder to secure your favorite vacation rental if you do not look for one in advance. Instead of waiting to book a rental just before your trip, you should explore your options now. Many travelers do not think to book ahead of time, giving you the advantage when it comes to finding the perfect vacation rental. Our selection includes some frequent favorites of travelers and often get booked well in advance. Get around the curve and secure your rental before anyone else is able to snag that favorite rental of yours before you have the chance to click “Book Now.�

Time to Plan a St. Simons Island Vacation

Now that you know about the benefits of booking a vacation rental early for the summer season, you can start to look for your favorite vacation rental. Browse our selection of incredible rentals that include cozy condominiums and expansive luxury homes. The choice is yours when it comes to booking a stay here on St. Simons Island.
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