Posted on 12/3/2019 by Beth

A Winter St. Simons Island Getaway

There is something special about celebrating the winter season on the cozy coast of St. Simons Island. In addition to our comforting vacation rentals, you can find abundant holiday cheer and other activities to make for an inviting stay. Here is what your winter St. Simons Island getaway can look like:

Perfect Winter Temps

There is no reason to spend another winter season stuck indoors staring out at ugly gray skies and slushy, ice-covered ground. Instead, beat the cold by making your way to St. Simons Island. Our winter temperatures stay around the mid-60s all season long. While this may not be ideal beach weather, it is more than comfortable for some adventures spent outdoors. A light jacket is all you need to get out and enjoy your hard-earned vacation.

The Off-Season for Tourism

St. Simons Island is typically in high gear for the tourism season during the midst of summer. The winter season is quieter and often cheaper, with many local attractions dropping prices for the season. You will not have to wait in any lines or be disappointed when you find exciting activities already booked full. While beaches are restricted during the summer for dogs, you will find them completely open during the winter. Do not let your furry companion miss out on the fun. Let your money go further when you escape reality during your St. Simons Island getaway!

Rare Wildlife During Your St. Simons Island Getaway

St. Simons Island is located in the popular Golden Isles that are frequented by rare wildlife during the winter. You may be able to see reclusive animals such as North Atlantic right whales, merganser ducks, and even bald eagles in person during your stay. Local tours of the islands will show you all the areas these rare animals like to frequent.

Holiday Cheer

St. Simons Island offers plenty of holiday cheer with exciting events all winter long. These holiday events can range from parades to Christmas performances and more. If you do not mind hopping over to any of the other Golden Isles, you will find even more holiday events waiting for you. Getting over is as simple as taking one of the many ferries offered every day!

Get Ready for Winter on St. Simons Island

Let the winter season be yours with a rewarding St. Simons Island getaway. Our vacation rentals will keep you comfortable and just minutes away from all the activities offered in town. Our rentalsare even decorated for Christmas! Contact us today to get started on your winter journey to St. Simons Island, Georgia!
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