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Savoring every moment of a St. Simons Island getaway isn’t hard to do. This pristine island has a way with scenery that makes it memorable long after you’ve left while the sand, sun, and surf are constantly calling to travelers to come and unwind in style. From golf and shopping to moments set aside to explore museums, salt marshes and lighthouse, St. Simons Island is a vacation destination that often starts as a one time visit and transforms into an annual return. While there’s much in the way of elegance and charm to be enjoyed on the island, sometimes, a trip this direction comes with a craving for those home-comfort foods that are hard to top. When you’re ready to indulge in something more traditional after a day in the waves, head over to Hot Dog Alley and make the most of mouthwatering options while you’re here.

Flavor Inspired by Tradition

Hot Dog Alley is located at 533 Ocean Boulevard and is open Monday through Saturday from 10:30 am until 3:00 pm. Hot Dog Alley, much as the name indicates, is a casual, laid-back and welcoming beachside locale that invites guests to come and make the most of the delicious fare they’ve been craving after a day of swimming, paddle boarding or simply soaking up the sun. This friendly take-away window is covered in daily specials and once you’ve ordered up your meal, guests are free to enjoy it on the picnic table dotted patio complete with blue umbrellas and Adirondack chairs too. Just look for the blue sign to know you’ve arrived and if you’re in a rush to return to the water, the fare ordered up at Hot Dog Alley is simple to take with you.

Hot Dog Alley Menu Favorites to Enjoy

While Hot Dog Alley is most definitely a fast food in St. Simons joint, there’s nothing simple about the many options available to guests. Take your time to choose from a listing of hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, chicken and more that are made to taste on the spot and upon request. Sandwiches such as patty melts and BLTs also grace the menu, and no matter what you order up, be sure to customize your meal with a selection of toppings. A side of baked beans and potato chips is always a good idea when you’re visiting Hot Dog Alley and this restaurant provides a variety of soda options to top off your meal too.

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