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The Georgia coast is calling out your name whenever you start planning for the perfect fall getaway. St. Simons Island is an inviting location but is even more memorable during the cooler fall months. The summer crowds have dispersed, making activities around the island even more accessible than before. Take a look at some of our favorite St. Simons Island fall activities to enjoy:

Enjoy the Warm Fall Weather

St. Simons Island is a little different than other vacation destinations, as the seasons do not drastically change here until you get to winter. Our fall season is comparable to a mild summer. This makes a fall getaway even more enticing, as you can spend countless hours at the beach. The local marshes are a great place to explore where you can see the marsh grasses turn into a golden hue. Grab a kayak to explore the water or a mountain bike to hit the trails. Whatever activity you do you will find the weather to be your friend here on St. Simons Island.

Experience the Fun of Live Golf

The fall season is also home to a variety of exciting events that are perfect for all ages. Check out the Paulk Cup Classic (October 28th – 30th) for a friendly competition of golf. The RSM Classic (November 15th – 21st) is another exciting golf event where you can catch the pros play.

Catch the Sunset at St. Simons Pier

There is something truly special about catching the sunset at St. Simons Pier. The sun hits the water for a dazzling display of colors in the sky for an unforgettable experience. The St. Simons Pier is a great place to try your hand at fishing as well. You will probably see plenty of amateur anglers with their rod in hands during your visit. Don’t forget to head over to the St. Simons Pier Village District for all kinds of shopping and dining. Go window shopping of all the boutique shops as you munch on an ice cream cone. This is the perfect spot for a romantic date night with a loved one.

Fall Adventures at St. Simons Island

There is no time like the present to start planning ahead for a thrilling fall adventure right here on St. Simons Island. Book one of our vacation rentals today so you can enjoy the quieter side of St. Simons Island and its many fall activities.

Get ready for another exciting season right here on St. Simons Island. Our travel destination is known to be a great place to visit any time of year, but the early summer season is one of our favorites. You can enjoy beautiful weather and smaller crowds at the start of the summer season. Take a look at some incredible early summer activities available only on St. Simons Island:

Head Outdoors

As mentioned, you will find beautiful weather on St. Simons Island especially when the summer season first starts. With this being said, you will want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. There are a variety of activities you will love such as hiking or biking the many trails on the island. The trails are shared with everyone and offer incredible views of the coast. You can even go horseback riding on many of the trails on St. Simons Island. If you love fishing, you will find plenty of opportunities to reel in your own personal trophy catch. You can also go kayaking down the coast for a relaxing time on the water. The choices are yours!

Early Summer Golfing

There is nothing that says summer quite like a round of golf. St. Simons Island features full-size golf courses where you can play your best game. Green fairways invite you for an exciting time game after game. Popular courses on the island can be found at King & Prince Golf Course and Sea Palms Golf Club.

Find the Tree Spirits

Take your family on an outdoor journey to track down the illustrious tree spirits carved into giant oak trees. These works of art can be found all over St. Simons Island, providing you the opportunity to get out and explore. There are over 20 different tree spirits waiting for you to find with more unexpectedly popping up each year.

Explore St. Simons Island Light

St. Simons Island has an important history with shipping and sailing for the state of Georgia. St. Simons Island Light is an important, operational lighthouse that guides ships into the St. Simons Sound and prevents beaching on the many sandbars in the area. You can dig deep into the history of the lighthouse at the St. Simons Lighthouse Museum, housed in the original Keeper’s Dwelling onsite, and even climb the 129 steps to the top for panoramic views of the area!

More Fun in Early Summer

Cap your early summer journey to St. Simons Island off by reserving one of our beautiful vacation rentals on the island. You will find spacious homes that give you plenty of space and amenities to enjoy. Contact us today to learn more!

Don’t let yourself freeze this winter season; instead, find somewhere that features exciting winter activities in a warm climate, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. St. Simons Island is the perfect location to find all of this and so much more. The winter season is the perfect time of year as most visitors are not traveling allowing you to enjoy the island without the summer crowds. Take a look at how your winter adventure in St. Simons Island can look:

See an Event at the Ritz Theatre

Nothing says winter season better than a live performance at the theatre. St. Simons Island is home to the Ritz Theatre, the area’s own opera and theatre house. For years, the Ritz Theatre has been holding live performances for the residents of the Golden Isles. This winter you can catch A Christmas Carol during the month of December. This classic holiday tale is always better live on stage! Peach State Opera’s Operatizers will be hitting the stage on January 31st for an afternoon duets and ensembles. Please ensure you are following all COVID-19 mandates during your visit.

Hit the Green

Playing golf in the winter may sound crazy, but when you find out the average daily temperature in St. Simons Island is 69 degrees, you will quickly change your mind. Hit the green during your visit by playing a round or two at the local golf clubs. The King and Price Golf Resort features a full 18-hole terrain where you are surrounded by the beautiful marshes and ancient oak trees. Some visitors have even said they feel like they are playing in Scotland with how beautiful the courses are here!

Visit Historical Sites

St. Simons Island has a variety of historical sites found all across the island for you to explore. Fort Frederica is the local national monument that preserves the remnants of Spanish raids on the island. The Battle of Bloody Marsh and Gully Hole Creek showcase the most infamous of these raids and how they impacted early colonial life. You should be able to visit these sites without crowds during the winter season allowing you to maintain social distancing.

St. Simons Island Is Waiting

As you can see there, is plenty of fun and excitement here on St. Simons Island during the winter season. Our warm temperatures and thrilling activities allow for the best winter adventure. Reserve one of our vacation rentals today so you can enjoy your winter getaway!

History lovers will absolutely enjoy a historical journey to St. Simons Island. Our vacation destination features a rich history here on the East Coast that is easy for you to explore during your stay. Take a look at these St Simons Island attractions to explore during your historical journey:

Revolutionary War Sites

Several battles during the Revolutionary War and Civil War took place right here on St. Simons Island. However, some battles took place on the island even before the founding of our country. On July 7th, 1742, an outflanked British squad was ambushed and surprisingly defeated a larger Spanish force. The site of the Bloody Marsh Battle is still open for visitors. The outdoor observation area even has markers to indicate where specific instances in the battle took place. You can visit the Bloody Marsh Battle Site found just off Demere Road on St. Simons Island.

Fort Frederica

Additional battles between Great Britain and Spain took place on St. Simons Island over the years. Fort Frederica was established in 1736 on St. Simons Island to help protect this southern boundary. Fort Frederica was one of the primary sites for the Battle of Bloody Marsh and helped establish Georgia as a site for British colonies in the decades to come. Once outside military threats began to diminish, the fort was disbanded in 1749. Come see this historic site in person by visiting 6515 Frederica Rd.

Historical Lighthouses

St. Simons Island’s location just off the coast of Georgia made it an important site for early naval travelers. During the 1800s, several lighthouses were built on the island to help travelers reach their destination. These lighthouses continue to be open for visitors and can be explored. We recommend starting with the St. Simons Lighthouse Museum, located just outside the village. This lighthouse was built in 1872 and replaced the original lighthouse originally built in 1810 but was destroyed by Confederate forces during the Civil War in 1861. What is unique about this lighthouse is that it still operates to help with navigation for ships. You can make it up the 129 steps of the lighthouses to reach the top and get unprecedented views of the island. Visit the St. Simons Lighthouse Museum found at 610 Beachview Drive.

More History on St. Simons Island

As you can see, there is plenty of history to explore during your stay on St. Simons Island. Reserve your vacation rental today and plan ahead for your historical journey!

With COVID-19 sticking around for the foreseeable future, medical experts continue to advise individuals to keep their distance from others. However, it’s still possible to have an exciting vacation getaway to St. Simons Island while staying safe. St. Simons Island offers plenty of activities that can be enjoyed in isolation. Here are some of our favorite isolated St. Simons Island activities found on the island:

Kayaking in St. Simons Island

What better way to explore St. Simons Island than to do so from the water? Many of the local rental shops offer kayak rentals by the hour or day. While you may not be able to take off everywhere on the island, you can practically explore everything by water. Kayaking in St. Simons Island is a great way to see the sights without being around crowds of people.


One great way to stay away from others is to hit the golf course. St. Simons Island features several different golf courses. Many of them are now implementing new safety precautions to encourage social distancing. Now more than ever you will not see as many people on the course at once. Golf is very popular during our busier seasons of the year, so make sure you place a reservation in advance with courses such as the Sea Island Golf Club.

Track Down the Tree Spirits

All across St. Simons Island are the famous tree spirits that can be found carved into numerous trees. Some of them have been etched into the oak trees for years, while new ones continue to mysteriously pop up out of nowhere. If you want help tracking down these famous fables, simply visit the St. Simons Island Welcome Center and find out how.


If you are on an island, you know you need to try out fishing at some point. You can do so by booking a private charter. These charters will take you out into the water and give you plenty of time to reel up your trophy catch. The only people around you will be those who you bring with you and your captain. A fishing charter will be your ideal isolated activity on the water.

More Fun on St. Simons Island

These isolated activities and much more await you on St. Simons Island. Call today and see how our exclusive vacation rentals will keep you close to the action and help you stay safe and comfortable.

If you have not experienced St. Simons Island yet, you need to start planning for your trip today. There is no need to wait for anyone to join you, as St. Simons Island is the perfect destination for solo travelers. Here is what you can expect with a solo trip to St. Simons Island:

Take a Biplane Tour on Your Trip to St. Simons Island

If you want to see St. Simons Island from hundreds of feet in the air, make sure you take a local biplane tour. Coastal Biplane Tours offers just that with exciting tours over the island. A pilot will take you around island by air and show you all the best sights. You can even let them know if there is anything you want to see in particular.

Relax on the Beach

Spend the warmer seasons of the year relaxing on a nearby beach on St. Simons Island. Our beaches are pristine and clean, allowing you to relax in peace. The island continues to go out of its way to preserve the beaches, including the dunes and rocky shorelines too. Once you are ready to take a dip, swim out into the water. Guests have seen aquatic wildlife such as sea turtles swim right by them off the shore.

Try Your Hand at Fishing

Like any other island in the region, St. Simons Island features incredible fishing conditions you will want to take advantage of. Some of the best fishing spots are best accessed off the coast and require a charter to get to. Join Southeastern Angling and have them take you to incredible fishing spots in the area. You will be practically guaranteed to reel up a huge catch during your trip.

Practice Your Swing

Another relaxing activity that is perfect to do on your own is go for a round of golf. The King and Prince Resort features an incredible golf course. Prepare for beautiful weather and green grass that will have you playing your best game yet. Make sure to grab a bite to eat or order a drink at the clubhouse afterwards.

More to Enjoy on St. Simons Island

You will enjoy an incredible trip to St. Simons Island when on your own. Our vacation rentals can be found all over the island and will keep you comfortable throughout your stay. For solo travelers, we recommend 148 King and Prince for a cozy stay. Call today and see which rentals will be available for your trip!

If you have yet to experience St. Simons Island, we highly recommend joining us during the late winter and early spring seasons. The island is typically not as busy, and you can still enjoy everything that makes St. Simons Island so special. This includes exclusive events that occur during the early 2020 season. Take a look at what you can expect when you visit St. Simons Island at the start of 2020:

A Taste of Glynn

Enjoy the annual culinary delight of A Taste of Glynn. This special fundraiser raises funds for the Glynn County Community Crisis Center each year at The King and Prince. Expect to find some delicious homecooked food along with an evening of drinks and friendly conversations. The 2020 edition of A Taste of Glynn will take place on Sunday, January 19th from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. This is an all-ages event, so make sure to bring the kids with you!

The Roaring Twenties Revived Cabaret

There is no question that the “Roaring 20s” continues to be a decade everyone is fascinated by. The lively costumes and elegant galas are something to be missed in our day and age. Take a step back into the 20s with The Roaring Twenties Revived Cabaret, a signature event benefitting the Symphony of Georgia on Sea Island. Simply take one of the many ferries from St. Simons Island to reach your destination that will include an evening with cocktails, exquisite art, fine jewelry, and more. A seated dinner is provided along with other libations. This 2020 event will take place on Friday, January 24th at the Cloister Ballroom. Don’t miss this event and be sure to visit St. Simons Island!

Storytelling Festival

If you are captivated by live storytelling and engaging readings, make sure you do not miss out on the Storytelling Festival. This exciting event takes place at Epworth by the Sea on St. Simons Island from February 14th through February 16th. Featured storytellers for this year’s event include Shelia Arnold, Andy Offutt Irwin, Anne Rutherford, and more. Additional activities of the event include kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing, golfing, and much more.

Time to Enjoy a Visit to St. Simons Island

The early 2020 season will be off to a great start thanks to these incredible events. Start planning your visit to St. Simons Island today by reserving one of our vacation rentals in the area. Each rental comes fully furnished and offers resort-like amenities without the noisy neighbors. Call today and see which of our fantastic rentals is available for your stay!

The Golden Isles are inviting you and your family for a magical experience during the upcoming fall break. Your kids are probably already dreaming up ways they will be enjoying their days off from school. Help your family enjoy a vacation they will never forget by making the trek to St. Simons Island! Here are some family-friendly activities to plan for during your St Simons Island vacation:

Play at Neptune Park

Perhaps one of the most popular parks on St. Simons Island is Neptune Park. This enjoyable space features everything that makes a park great: play structures, swings, picnic areas, and more. But what really makes Neptune Park stand out among the rest is the adjacent mini golf course and splash park. The fall temperatures in St. Simons Island are still very much enjoyable, so the kids will love jumping in the fountains and swimming areas. Kids of all ages will find something they enjoy at Neptune Park.

Climb the St. Simons Island Lighthouse

St. Simons Island was best known in the 1800s as a maritime port where the still standing lighthouse would guide ships along their long journeys. The St. Simons Island Lighthouse may not operate anymore but it is still available for tours. Take a trek up the winding structure and peek out from five different levels of windows. The climb up can be steep, so make sure to plan ahead if anyone in the family is currently injured or has mobility issues. Once you make it to the top you will have unprecedented views of our beautiful island from all angles.

Hang Out at Pier Village

One of the busiest spots on the island where you can see locals and tourists mingle is Pier Village. This fantastic outdoor area features some of the best restaurants and shops on St. Simons Island. You can find the perfect souvenir to take home or dine in on delicious seafood and other cuisine for lunch or dinner. Once you are done walking around, make sure to head out onto the pier where you can simply relax or try your hand at reeling in a whopper of a fish. Local rental shops make it easy to find everything you need to enjoy some fishing.

St. Simons Island This Fall

We highly recommend St. Simons Island during your fall break as the summer crowds are gone but the excitement keeps ongoing. Our vacation rentals will keep you close to these exciting attractions, making sure your fall break is one to remember. Rentals like Oak Beach Cottage have plenty of outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy! Contact our vacation experts today and start planning your fall family vacation!