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Since St. Simons Island is found on the coast, you can expect a rainy day or two to occasionally pop up. While rainy days are still uncommon, they can put a damper to your outdoor plans for a few hours. If that happens while you are visiting, make sure to enjoy an indoor activity to hide out. Take a look at these rainy day activities found right here on St. Simons Island:

Visit the World War II Home Front Museum

St. Simons Island has a rich history with the Civil War and World War II. During the next rainy day, stop by the World War II Home Front Museum. This local museum dedicates each of its interactive exhibits to all of the contributions that Coastal Georgia has provided during World War II. Exhibits include information about radar training, anti-submarine patrols, ship building, and much more. The museum exhibits are perfect for children and adults of all ages so everyone in your group can have a great time. The World War II Home Front Museum is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Sunday from noon to 5:00 PM.

St. Simons Colonial Island Trolley Tours

If you do not want to let a rainy day stop you from exploring St. Simons Island, make sure to take a trolley tour with St. Simons Colonial Island Trolley Tours. They have been voted the best trolley tour on the island for years and will make a 90-minute tour of the island as incredible as possible. The trolleys have air conditioning so you can stay cool, especially during a summer rain. The drivers are very informative and enthusiastic and will make your tour one you will never forget.

Stop by Golden Isles Olive Oil & Wine Bar

One of the top tourist destinations on St. Simons Island is Golden Isles Olive Oil & Wine Bar. Come stop in on a rainy day where you can try out over 60 different flavors of olive oil sourced from all over the world. The wine list is just as incredible, making for a great stay as you hide out from the rain. Golden Isles Olive Oil is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM, and Sunday and Monday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM; Golden Isles Wine Bar opens each day at 11:00 AM and closes at the same times.

You can enjoy St. Simons Island rain or shine when you book a vacation rental from Lilmar Properties. Contact us today to get started!

We all know how difficult of a year 2020 was across the world, and many large events were cancelled throughout the year. Luckily, things have nearly returned to normal here in St. Simons Island. Our vacation destination is one of the best places to visit during the summer, especially for the 4th of July holiday. This American tradition is the perfect time to catch some special events here on the Golden Isles and enjoy the summer activities of St. Simons Island. Take a look at what to expect for the 4th of July this year:

St Simon’s Island Sunshine Festival

Here on St Simons Island, we do not celebrate the 4th of July with a simple fireworks display; instead, we host an all-day event with the Sunshine Festival. This annual tradition takes place early in the morning and runs well into the night. The Sunshine Festival is known for a variety of exciting activities such as an arts and crafts show, fun runs, and of course a fireworks celebration. The day kicks off with the annual fun runs that let you race to finish. The 5K starts at 7:00 AM, while the one-mile run starts at 8:00 AM. Guests are encouraged to show up and cheer on their friends and family as they race. The actual festival will run from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Expect local vendors on hand selling food and locally made goods. Live music will be performed from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. The capstone to the Sunshine Festival is a dazzling fireworks display that will take place at Neptune Park. Admission into the Sunshine Festival is absolutely free to attend with free parking as well. Make sure to check out this all-ages event this 4th of July!

Summer Activities

Since you are visiting during the summer season, make sure you enjoy everything that St. Simons Island has to offer. Head to the local golf courses for beautiful green fairways. Keep an eye out for the tree spirit carvings found all over the island. Check out the local lighthouse that has played an historic part in the founding of St. Simons Island.

Book Your St. Simons Island Journey

There has never been a better time to start planning for your summer break. Book one of our exclusive rentals to keep you close to the Sunshine Festival and all of the other exciting activities on St. Simons Island.

Get ready for another exciting season right here on St. Simons Island. Our travel destination is known to be a great place to visit any time of year, but the early summer season is one of our favorites. You can enjoy beautiful weather and smaller crowds at the start of the summer season. Take a look at some incredible early summer activities available only on St. Simons Island:

Head Outdoors

As mentioned, you will find beautiful weather on St. Simons Island especially when the summer season first starts. With this being said, you will want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. There are a variety of activities you will love such as hiking or biking the many trails on the island. The trails are shared with everyone and offer incredible views of the coast. You can even go horseback riding on many of the trails on St. Simons Island. If you love fishing, you will find plenty of opportunities to reel in your own personal trophy catch. You can also go kayaking down the coast for a relaxing time on the water. The choices are yours!

Early Summer Golfing

There is nothing that says summer quite like a round of golf. St. Simons Island features full-size golf courses where you can play your best game. Green fairways invite you for an exciting time game after game. Popular courses on the island can be found at King & Prince Golf Course and Sea Palms Golf Club.

Find the Tree Spirits

Take your family on an outdoor journey to track down the illustrious tree spirits carved into giant oak trees. These works of art can be found all over St. Simons Island, providing you the opportunity to get out and explore. There are over 20 different tree spirits waiting for you to find with more unexpectedly popping up each year.

Explore St. Simons Island Light

St. Simons Island has an important history with shipping and sailing for the state of Georgia. St. Simons Island Light is an important, operational lighthouse that guides ships into the St. Simons Sound and prevents beaching on the many sandbars in the area. You can dig deep into the history of the lighthouse at the St. Simons Lighthouse Museum, housed in the original Keeper’s Dwelling onsite, and even climb the 129 steps to the top for panoramic views of the area!

More Fun in Early Summer

Cap your early summer journey to St. Simons Island off by reserving one of our beautiful vacation rentals on the island. You will find spacious homes that give you plenty of space and amenities to enjoy. Contact us today to learn more!

Don’t let yourself freeze this winter season; instead, find somewhere that features exciting winter activities in a warm climate, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. St. Simons Island is the perfect location to find all of this and so much more. The winter season is the perfect time of year as most visitors are not traveling allowing you to enjoy the island without the summer crowds. Take a look at how your winter adventure in St. Simons Island can look:

See an Event at the Ritz Theatre

Nothing says winter season better than a live performance at the theatre. St. Simons Island is home to the Ritz Theatre, the area’s own opera and theatre house. For years, the Ritz Theatre has been holding live performances for the residents of the Golden Isles. This winter you can catch A Christmas Carol during the month of December. This classic holiday tale is always better live on stage! Peach State Opera’s Operatizers will be hitting the stage on January 31st for an afternoon duets and ensembles. Please ensure you are following all COVID-19 mandates during your visit.

Hit the Green

Playing golf in the winter may sound crazy, but when you find out the average daily temperature in St. Simons Island is 69 degrees, you will quickly change your mind. Hit the green during your visit by playing a round or two at the local golf clubs. The King and Price Golf Resort features a full 18-hole terrain where you are surrounded by the beautiful marshes and ancient oak trees. Some visitors have even said they feel like they are playing in Scotland with how beautiful the courses are here!

Visit Historical Sites

St. Simons Island has a variety of historical sites found all across the island for you to explore. Fort Frederica is the local national monument that preserves the remnants of Spanish raids on the island. The Battle of Bloody Marsh and Gully Hole Creek showcase the most infamous of these raids and how they impacted early colonial life. You should be able to visit these sites without crowds during the winter season allowing you to maintain social distancing.

St. Simons Island Is Waiting

As you can see there, is plenty of fun and excitement here on St. Simons Island during the winter season. Our warm temperatures and thrilling activities allow for the best winter adventure. Reserve one of our vacation rentals today so you can enjoy your winter getaway!

With COVID-19 sticking around for the foreseeable future, medical experts continue to advise individuals to keep their distance from others. However, it’s still possible to have an exciting vacation getaway to St. Simons Island while staying safe. St. Simons Island offers plenty of activities that can be enjoyed in isolation. Here are some of our favorite isolated St. Simons Island activities found on the island:

Kayaking in St. Simons Island

What better way to explore St. Simons Island than to do so from the water? Many of the local rental shops offer kayak rentals by the hour or day. While you may not be able to take off everywhere on the island, you can practically explore everything by water. Kayaking in St. Simons Island is a great way to see the sights without being around crowds of people.


One great way to stay away from others is to hit the golf course. St. Simons Island features several different golf courses. Many of them are now implementing new safety precautions to encourage social distancing. Now more than ever you will not see as many people on the course at once. Golf is very popular during our busier seasons of the year, so make sure you place a reservation in advance with courses such as the Sea Island Golf Club.

Track Down the Tree Spirits

All across St. Simons Island are the famous tree spirits that can be found carved into numerous trees. Some of them have been etched into the oak trees for years, while new ones continue to mysteriously pop up out of nowhere. If you want help tracking down these famous fables, simply visit the St. Simons Island Welcome Center and find out how.


If you are on an island, you know you need to try out fishing at some point. You can do so by booking a private charter. These charters will take you out into the water and give you plenty of time to reel up your trophy catch. The only people around you will be those who you bring with you and your captain. A fishing charter will be your ideal isolated activity on the water.

More Fun on St. Simons Island

These isolated activities and much more await you on St. Simons Island. Call today and see how our exclusive vacation rentals will keep you close to the action and help you stay safe and comfortable.

There is something special about celebrating the winter season on the cozy coast of St. Simons Island. In addition to our comforting vacation rentals, you can find abundant holiday cheer and other activities to make for an inviting stay. Here is what your winter St. Simons Island getaway can look like:

Perfect Winter Temps

There is no reason to spend another winter season stuck indoors staring out at ugly gray skies and slushy, ice-covered ground. Instead, beat the cold by making your way to St. Simons Island. Our winter temperatures stay around the mid-60s all season long. While this may not be ideal beach weather, it is more than comfortable for some adventures spent outdoors. A light jacket is all you need to get out and enjoy your hard-earned vacation.

The Off-Season for Tourism

St. Simons Island is typically in high gear for the tourism season during the midst of summer. The winter season is quieter and often cheaper, with many local attractions dropping prices for the season. You will not have to wait in any lines or be disappointed when you find exciting activities already booked full. While beaches are restricted during the summer for dogs, you will find them completely open during the winter. Do not let your furry companion miss out on the fun. Let your money go further when you escape reality during your St. Simons Island getaway!

Rare Wildlife During Your St. Simons Island Getaway

St. Simons Island is located in the popular Golden Isles that are frequented by rare wildlife during the winter. You may be able to see reclusive animals such as North Atlantic right whales, merganser ducks, and even bald eagles in person during your stay. Local tours of the islands will show you all the areas these rare animals like to frequent.

Holiday Cheer

St. Simons Island offers plenty of holiday cheer with exciting events all winter long. These holiday events can range from parades to Christmas performances and more. If you do not mind hopping over to any of the other Golden Isles, you will find even more holiday events waiting for you. Getting over is as simple as taking one of the many ferries offered every day!

Get Ready for Winter on St. Simons Island

Let the winter season be yours with a rewarding St. Simons Island getaway. Our vacation rentals will keep you comfortable and just minutes away from all the activities offered in town. Our rentals are even decorated for Christmas! Contact us today to get started on your winter journey to St. Simons Island, Georgia!

Do not settle for a boring, old vacation that you have taken plenty of times before. Instead, explore the options you have by visiting St. Simons Island for an incredible holiday getaway like no other. Enjoy an island vacation that still has the feel of a holiday back at home. Here is what makes a St Simons Island vacation the best experience possible for the holidays:

Access to Activities That are Busy in the Summer

Holiday vacations to St. Simons Island are during a season where traffic to the island is at the lowest time during the year. Do not let the reduced population on the island fool you into thinking that visiting in the winter is a bad time; instead, you will have access to activities that are typically booked full throughout the summer. The Lady Jane is one such popular attraction where you can go shrimping with Jane herself. See what the sea life is like for yourself with this popular activity. Local beaches also restrict access to pets during the summer months. However, your dogs are more than welcome to join your family for the holidays—just make sure to clean up after them so everyone else can enjoy the beach too!

Glorious Weather During the Holidays

Leave your winter coat back home when you travel to St. Simons Island for any of the winter holidays. Instead of snow, you will find temperatures in the mid-60s that allow you to feel comfortable with just a light jacket. This can be a breath of fresh air if you come from colder climates such as the Midwest where your home might already be covered in snow!

Holiday Attractions

Not only can you enjoy popular attractions that are often busy in the summer but also seasonal activities. Go ice skating on nearby Jekyll Island where the Skating Village is set up for the winter. Additional seasonal attractions include the Sea Island Half Marathon, where you can choose between a 5K or half marathon course. Finish the race and enjoy the champagne brunch and after party!

So Much to Do During the Holidays on a St. Simons Island Vacation

These are just a few of the many reasons that keep our guests returning to our exclusive vacation rentals during the holidays year after year. Get ready for your own holiday adventure by reserving one of our St Simons Island vacation rentals today!

There is nothing better than exploring the incredible surroundings of St. Simons Island during your vacation getaway. Let our local tour companies help you see all the sights without you having to worry about any planning. Here are the best St Simons Island tours to take:

Kids Fishing with Billy Bee Charters

St. Simons Island is known for some of the best fishing in the area. Now kids can join in on the fun with a kid friendly fishing charter from Billy Bee Charters. Captain Billy Bice will help your children form memories to last a lifetime by helping them catch the biggest fish they can find. The kids will learn how to bait hooks and learning how to cast with their fishing rods. There is no one better to show your kids their first time with fishing than Capt. Billy. Expect plenty of offshore fishing where you can catch sharks and more!

St. Simons Colonial Island Trolley Tours

St. Simons Island has a rich history that goes back to the colonial era. You can see all the historic sites with a unique tour through St. Simons Colonial Island Trolley Tours. Let these trolleys show you around the island while keeping you comfortable and able to listen to the knowledgeable driver. Even locals will find out details surrounding St. Simons Island that they never knew. St. Simons Colonial Island Trolley Tours is the perfect experience for a family outing or just hanging out with friends.

Coastal Biplane Tours

Now that you have seen St. Simons Island from the sea and from land, it is time to take a tour of the skies! Coastal Biplane Tours will have you sitting in a nostalgic 1940 Waco UPF-7 biplane for a unique tour like no other. Your flight can range from 20 to 60 minutes depending on the tour and will show you around St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, and Little Cumberland Island. Captain Phil has been serving St. Simons Island for years and knows all the best spots locals and visitors want to see.

Don’t Miss These Incredible Tours

St. Simons Island is best seen with one of these many incredible tours currently available. Our vacation rentals on St. Simons Island will keep you close to all of the exciting attractions and more. Simply give us a call today and starting planning for your St. Simons Island getaway.

The Golden Isles are inviting you and your family for a magical experience during the upcoming fall break. Your kids are probably already dreaming up ways they will be enjoying their days off from school. Help your family enjoy a vacation they will never forget by making the trek to St. Simons Island! Here are some family-friendly activities to plan for during your St Simons Island vacation:

Play at Neptune Park

Perhaps one of the most popular parks on St. Simons Island is Neptune Park. This enjoyable space features everything that makes a park great: play structures, swings, picnic areas, and more. But what really makes Neptune Park stand out among the rest is the adjacent mini golf course and splash park. The fall temperatures in St. Simons Island are still very much enjoyable, so the kids will love jumping in the fountains and swimming areas. Kids of all ages will find something they enjoy at Neptune Park.

Climb the St. Simons Island Lighthouse

St. Simons Island was best known in the 1800s as a maritime port where the still standing lighthouse would guide ships along their long journeys. The St. Simons Island Lighthouse may not operate anymore but it is still available for tours. Take a trek up the winding structure and peek out from five different levels of windows. The climb up can be steep, so make sure to plan ahead if anyone in the family is currently injured or has mobility issues. Once you make it to the top you will have unprecedented views of our beautiful island from all angles.

Hang Out at Pier Village

One of the busiest spots on the island where you can see locals and tourists mingle is Pier Village. This fantastic outdoor area features some of the best restaurants and shops on St. Simons Island. You can find the perfect souvenir to take home or dine in on delicious seafood and other cuisine for lunch or dinner. Once you are done walking around, make sure to head out onto the pier where you can simply relax or try your hand at reeling in a whopper of a fish. Local rental shops make it easy to find everything you need to enjoy some fishing.

St. Simons Island This Fall

We highly recommend St. Simons Island during your fall break as the summer crowds are gone but the excitement keeps ongoing. Our vacation rentals will keep you close to these exciting attractions, making sure your fall break is one to remember. Rentals like Artist Cottage have plenty of outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy! Contact our vacation experts today and start planning your fall family vacation!

Look no further for the perfect Thanksgiving getaway for your family, as St. Simons Island continues to be one of the top travel destinations in the area. St. Simons Island features a variety of activities and of course delicious food that will make your Thanksgiving holiday one to never forget. Here is how to plan for your upcoming St Simons Thanksgiving:

Eat Out for Thanksgiving

Sure, it might be family tradition to cook up a feast at home for Thanksgiving, but you will be on a much-deserved holiday. Instead, check out one of the many local restaurants that serve up delicious meals around the Thanksgiving holiday. St. Simons Island is known for its incredible Georgian cuisine. Try out Barbara Jeans, a southern style eatery located in the Village which features delicious fried chicken, dumplings, Brunswick Stew (a Georgia favorite), peach cobbler and so much more. The King and Prince Golf Resort on the island features a holiday buffet that includes all of your favorites if you are in the mood for a more traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

The RSM Classic

The week of Thanksgiving will feature The RSM Classic, an annual PGA golf tournament sponsored by famed golfer Davis Love III. The Sea Island Golf Club will host this exciting event as top professional golfers will descend upon St. Simons Island from all over the world to participate. Come see some of your favorite professional golfers in person as you support the Special Olympics, The Boys and Girls Club, and other charities in need. The 2019 RSM Classic will take place from November 18-24 at The Sea Island Golf Club.

Tree Lighting Festival

With Thanksgiving complete, it will be the perfect time to look forward to your next holiday, Christmas. Just a few miles away from St. Simons Island is neighboring Jekyll Island, another part of the Golden Isles. Catch the Tree Lighting Festival held on the Friday after Thanksgiving as the great tree is lit up for all to see. It is easy to catch a charter to Jekyll Island and the event is absolutely free.

St Simons Thanksgiving Done Right

Enjoy these events and so much more when you experience a St Simons Thanksgiving. Our vacation rentals offer the best views and keep you close to all the exciting events on the island. Contact our rental specialists today and see which rentals are right for you!