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Visiting St Simons Island in Winter

The Golden Isles make for one of the best vacation destinations in the country for anyone looking to get away from the biting winter cold without avoiding the season entirely. You can expect the weather to stay temperate and hospitable, given that the annual average temperature is only 68 degrees, but the cool breeze coming in off the coast will keep you cool and refreshed while you’re visiting St Simons Island. Spend your vacation relaxing and living life to the fullest. Also, given that winter is their off season with regards to tourism, you’ll save plenty of money on your vacation. So, get ready to spend as much time on the beach, on the golf course, or anywhere else your heart desires during your Golden Isles getaway.

Island Treasures on Jekyll Island

Inspired by a common occurrence from the early 1900s, where the hollow glass balls that fishermen used to decorate their nets as markers would break loose and eventually wash ashore, letting hobbyists collect them from the beach as treasures, comes an event known as Island Treasures.

Every year, a team of professionals on Jekyll Island hand pick artists from around the country to come by and make stunning, unique glass floats in order to facilitate this treasure hunt. Throughout January and February, a team of volunteers known as Beach Buddies will come out every day and hide clear globes all over the island, and visitors will be able to hunt them down and turn them in for one of the handmade glass floats that the artisans were commissioned to make.

There are hotspots that you can expect to find these clear globes at, like frequently travelled beaches, the Horton House, historic district, and more, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find them anywhere else if you’re a bit more intrepid. Of course, they don’t hide them anywhere dangerous or unestablished, so there’s no need to worry for the safety of you or your family on your trip to St Simons Island. Speaking of which, this is a great family activity to engage in, so bring the kids along for a fun scavenger hunt. Looking for some romantic things to do in St. Simons Island? Check those out here!

Experience the Island by Bike or Cart

There are plenty of rental services available on the island that will let you get your hands on a golf cart of bike, making for a casual way of getting around the island at your own pace. It’s a relaxing way to round out your day’s activities, whether you plan on using them to get to planned destinations, or you just want to take the day as it comes with no real plan at all. You’ll find that exploring the Golden Isles is a rewarding activity in and of itself, so why hurry?

Hit the Green

During the winter you’ll find that heading out to one of the several championship golf courses in the area makes for a pleasant outing while visiting St Simons Island. Due to how temperate it is, the weather is bound to be gorgeous, making for the ideal environment to spend the day outdoors perfecting your swing. Make sure to reserve your tee time ahead of time to secure that perfect time slot for you, and golf surrounded by the gorgeous environments full of ancient oaks, lakes, and marshes.

If you’ve brought the whole family along and are looking for a more casual outing, Jekyll Island Mini Golf decorates itself up for the season, dressing up their mini golf course with gingerbread men, peppermint sticks, massive gumdrops, and more. They also go out of their way to light up the course for the holidays, meaning you can go out after sunset for a lit-up game in the night.

Visit Gorgeous Little St. Simons Island

Just a short ferry ride away, Little St. Simons Island makes for a perfect day trip destination. You’ll be able to schedule either an overnight stay or day excursion on this 11,000-acre island covered in undisturbed landscapes, quiet beaches, salt marshes, and maritime forests.

Day trips are booked through the Lodge on Little St. Simons Island, and experienced naturalists are available to help guide you through the diverse landscapes that await you. See environments that are home to diverse forms of life, such as armadillos, deer, alligators, and hundreds of different species of birds. Additionally, during your winter trip to St Simons Island, you’ll get to see some unique seasonal species, so don’t miss out.

See Migratory Bird Species

As home to five sites from the Colonial Coast Birding Trail, the Golden Isles are a year-round destination for bird watchers, but since birds change homes with the seasons, there are different benefits to going with the changing seasons. While you’re making the rounds through the handful of birding locations, don’t forget to stop by the many beaches, historic sites, and more along your path.

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