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Top Tips for Travel to St. Simons Island

Visits to St. Simons Island can be pretty different depending on when you choose to visit, especially if you have specific activities in mind. While the beaches are open all year, and basically all of the businesses on the island remain open for business, there are some considerations to take into account when you’re putting together your vacation. That’s why we’ve put together this St Simons Island travel guide!


There are some options out there for you when it comes to transportation if you don’t have your own rental for your trip, but if you’re planning on doing a lot of extra traveling to see all of the different attractions, you’ll almost certainly want to have your own rental.

If you’re staying on the island the whole time instead of taking some extra day trips, you definitely have options for you. Golf carts and bikes are both great options since most of the island is pretty compact and enjoyable to explore. Walking is also a viable option if you really want to get those steps in, too.

Plan a Day Trip to Little St. Simons

Little St. Simons Island is a privately owned piece of land that makes for a perfect day trip, especially if you’re a fan of getting in touch with nature and doing some wildlife watching. Development here has been kept to a minimum, where no lumbering or farming has been done, instead favoring the addition of a very small number of exclusive lodgings for people who want to stay the night.

Thousands of acres of protected conservation land make this one of the best places to get your eyes on birds in their natural environment, and the resort on Little St. Simons has some wonderful food to keep your day going.

Make Time for the Beaches

Long spans of beaches are there for you during all seasons and given the size of the island it’s always quick and easy to travel to St Simons Island beaches. You can take morning walks or evening strolls on the beach as a great way to round out the day, and if you’ve brought the family pet along with you, all of the St. Simons beaches are dog friendly.

Visit the Historic Sites

With all of its rich history, St. Simons has plenty of historically significant locations that will teach you all about your new favorite vacation spot. St. Simons Lighthouse Museum is definitely one of the most popular, but don’t forget to check out some more if you’re keen on history.

Come See Everything Else While You’re Here

When you’ve finished reading our St Simons Island travel guide and planned out your vacation, it’s time to find your vacation home. Lilmar is happy to help answer your questions and pair you with the property that best matches your needs. Contact us now and get your vacation started.