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Top Things You May Not Know About St. Simons Island

Everyone knows about the beautiful beaches on St. Simons Island, but there’s plenty more waiting for you out there to experience on your visit. Looking for those hidden gems is one of the best ways to help spice up your vacation, especially if you’re a returning visitor looking for something new to do. Though the island may be small, its history is rich, and there’s no shortage of St Simons Island facts to learn when you aren’t partaking in the fine dining you can find in town.

Look for the Tree Spirits of St. Simons

As a bit of an easter egg hunt across the island, the Tree Spirits are composed of about 20 different trees with faces carved somewhere on the trunk. It’s a fun activity to partake in throughout your trip. Artist Keith Jennings started this project back in the 1980s, spending between two and four days carefully crafting each tree spirit for visitors to stumble upon. There’s also a guide on the island that you can pick up that will give you hints on where you can find all of the spirits, so be sure to pick one up.

Visit Fort Frederica

One of the more interesting facts about St. Simons Island is that, before it was a vacation spot, it was a battleground where the Spanish and English fought back and forth for control of the island. Fort Frederica was built by the English forces to help defend the island from Spanish incursion, and eventually the British forces succeeded in keeping the Spanish out. There’s a small museum at the fort that’s very informative and has a great game for the kids to play to keep them immersed in the history.

Go Fishing with Island Lure Charters

Fishing is a mainstay on St. Simons Island, and Island Lure Charters would love to take your group out onto the waters to catch a fish of your own. Not just any kind of fish, either, because this trip focuses on catching sharks and is accessible to anglers of all skill levels, so feel free to bring the kids along.

Glide Over the Waters with Coastal Backwater Adventures

Using small boats that are described as being able to move around the water much like a go kart, you’ll have a great time on these easily maneuvered boats while you visit locations where you’re likely to see all different kinds of marine life. Dolphins are a common sight here, and the tour will also take you fairly close to Fort Frederica, giving you a unique view from the water.

Come and See Our Best Hidden Gems

St. Simons Island has plenty of little treasure for you to find. With its rich history and biodiversity, you’re bound to run into something you love. When you’ve wrapped up your day of adventures, unwind with us at your vacation rental from Lilmar. We’ll make sure to match you up with the perfect home for your vacation needs, so get in touch with us and plan your island escape.


Q: Where is St. Simons Island?

A: St Simons Island is located in Glynn County, Georgia. St Simons Island is the largest barrier island within the Golden Isles, with Jekyll Island to it’s south, Brunswick to the west and Sea Island to the northeast.