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Top Reasons to Visit St. Simons Island

When you’re piecing together a vacation, there’s only so much you have time to experience. If you haven’t been to the Golden Isles before, there are some key locations that every visitor should definitely see to get the full experience. Thankfully, the Golden Isles stay nearly completely open during all seasons, so you’ll be able to visit St Simons Island no matter when your time off is being used.

The Beaches Are Top Notch

St. Simons Island has its fair share of wonderful beaches for you to check out while you’re in town, and you’ll thank yourself for the experience. With the exception of winter, the beaches stay nice and warm, and the water will be comfortable enough if you want to get out there. Even during the winter though, they’re still there for a good morning walk or evening stroll, and with how compact the island is they’re always just a couple minutes away.

Little St. Simons Island

Just a short ferry ride away, Little St. Simons Island makes for one of the best things to do in St Simons Island for anybody who wants to see some of the most well-preserved wilderness in the Golden Isles. It’s completely privately owned, with no development aside from the resort and a few exclusive lodges that people book for a fancy overnight stay. Most people just visit for the day, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, because you’ll still get access to the exquisite cuisine at the lodge when you aren’t taking in the sights.

St. Simons Island Lighthouse Museum

This museum is built to commemorate the original lighthouse that was destroyed during the Civil War when Confederate forces were forced to abandon the island in an effort to reinforce another location. Rather than let the lighthouse fall into the hands of Union forces and give them a strategic advantage in the theatre, they blew the lighthouse to pieces. The reconstructed version is a historical landmark, and a great educational experience to boot.

Come See all of Our Favorite Attractions

Those are just a few of the wonderful things that await when you next visit St. Simons Island. The whole place is loaded up with interesting and entertaining things for you to experience, and Lilmar Properties is here to pair you up with the perfect vacation home to complete your trip. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you get your trip started.