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Top 5 Spots for the Best Views in Georgia

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to reset the mind, body, and senses. A great getaway can do wonders for coming back to your daily routine refreshed, inspired, and invigorated—especially if your vacation takes you to stunning St. Simons Island. Sitting just off the coast of Georgia, St. Simons Island offers up options to dine, shop, and beach hop your way through a stay with ease. If you’re looking for the best views in Georgia, you can easily find that too! The following are five of the top spots for taking in the scenery that you won’t want to miss while you’re in the area.

St. Simons Island Pier

Stretching out luxuriously over the St. Simons Sound, the iconic St. Simons Island Pier is one of the most scenic destinations for visitors to find themselves when the desire to soak up a sensational view is top of mind. This inviting stop offers up an amazing vantage point complete with sweeping waterfront views to enjoy. If you find yourself here in the early morning hours with a fishing pole in hand, the scene you’ll encounter is decidedly quiet and peaceful—ideal for watching the sunrise while you wait for something to bite. If you make your way this direction in the afternoon, surroundings promise to be more bustling with activity, but the view is just as inviting. No matter when you find yourself here, the St. Simons Island Pier is a must when it comes to great view stops to enjoy.

East Beach

When it comes to enjoying a day at the beach, St. Simons Island is an oasis of shoreline enjoying potential. There is a plethora of sandy locales for visitors to savor their sun-soaking moments in abundance but when you’re looking for a destination that pairs fun with scenic views in Georgia, East Beach is it. This popular stop offers open water views complete with glittering waves and opportunities to spot marine life jumping through your visual frame as well. If you’re traveling with a canine companion, bring them along to enjoy the sights as well because East Beach hosts a dog-friendly section that means everyone can be included in the fun.

Driftwood Beach

Where East Beach views offer up a more traditional outlook on the St. Simons Island landscape, time spent at Driftwood Beach promises to bring something drastically different to the table. Visitors to Driftwood Beach will find themselves on a scenic stretch of shoreline that, much as the name indicates, is home to a collection of captivating driftwood pieces firmly rooted in the sand. Over time, these pieces of driftwood have arranged themselves into a fascinating pattern of nearly other-worldly designs. Whether you stop by to take a picture or just come here to make the most of the fascinating landscape, it’s well worth your time.

Sunsets at Epworth by the Sea

Often referred to as a hidden gem of St. Simons Island, Epworth by the Sea is also one of the most exciting places to enjoy a spectacular sunset view when your travel plans have you enjoying a stay nearby. Sprawling over 100 acres of land, Epworth by the Sea is a retreat and conference center accompanied by lodging options and meticulously landscaped and cared-for grounds. Nestled into the banks of the Mackay River, Epworth by the Sea also enjoys a design that positions it towards the west. This combination of elements makes it an amazing place to head in the evening hours just as the sun sets and vibrant colors begin to make their way across the sky and reflect off the water below.

St. Simons Island Lighthouse Observation Deck

Of all the beautiful views that St. Simons Island so freely offers up, it would be hard to say you’d enjoyed the best vies in Georgia them until you made your way to the St. Simons Island Lighthouse. Dating back to 1810, this lighthouse remains a piece of history come to life on the scenic shoreline. Many people come this way to capture the lighthouse on camera, but if you really want to best view possible, you have to make your way up the lighthouse’s many stairs towards the towering observation deck. From here, visitors can catch their breath and then enjoy unobstructed views over land and sea. No matter what the season or time of year may be, a gorgeous view is guaranteed.

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