There’s something endlessly exciting about the possibilities that come with owning a vacation rental—particularly if you’re a property owner based on stunning St. Simons Island. Visitors are drawn to this scenic and inviting destination in abundance year-round, making for undeniable profitable potential for property owners excited to grow their business and create amazing guest experiences too.

While there are plenty of thrills found in this dynamic industry, it also takes dedication to upkeep in order to maintain steady growth over time. Keeping a vacation rental property in a pristine condition not only allows for it to be showcased uniquely on the market but to appeal to guests booking after booking.

There is a long list of vacation rental tips for owners that need to be addressed, but a few stand out as essential among the rest. Taking time to make these a priority is a good way to extend the life of your property, enhance its value, and keep guests booking with confidence during both the on and off travel season.

Safety First: Always Keep Smoke Alarms in Top Condition

There’s nothing more important than providing guests with a safe and secure environment to enjoy when they book their vacation rental on St. Simons Island. One of the most basic and important upkeep tips property owners need to adhere to is performing regular checks on all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the home. While testing the alarms is important to make sure they’re in prime condition in case of an emergency, it’s also imperative to keep up with changing regulations regarding where they need to be throughout the property. If you’re not sure, contacting the local fire department is a good place to start. They’re happy to come out and inspect the property and inform owners as to additional alarms and placements that may be needed. While smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are life-saving property devices, they also provide your guests the peace of mind they deserve during a stay.

Check for Leaks, Then Check Again

One of the costliest repairs vacation rental owners encounter unexpectedly is damages related to leaks and flooding. Sometimes these issues can’t be avoided due to weather. Other times, they’re completely avoidable by simply double and triple-checking faucets and water sources on a regular basis. Don’t let a small drip turn into a giant insurance claim. Instead, schedule time to walk through the property and make sure all water access points are sealed and secured.

Swap Out Carpet for Customized Flooring

When you’re looking for more durable in-home solutions that make vacation home maintenance easier year-round, swapping out carpeting for customized flooring is always a good idea if it’s within the budget. Carpet has a way of holding onto odors, capturing stains, and enduring visible wear and tear to a greater extent than hardwood or synthetic finishes. Sleek flooring options don’t tend to show damage in the same way as carpet and definitely don’t need to be replaced as often. This can be a huge time and money saver when your property is regularly booked by groups of all sizes.

Replace Air Filters on Time

St. Simons offers up an amazing island environment for guests to enjoy, but that same appealing weather can lead to increased humidity in a home. This makes keeping airflow efficient and free-flowing that much more important. To avoid any potential build-up of must and mold, it’s important to regularly check and swap out air filters on time. Put this on your rental property maintenance calendar as a must-do to enhance the quality of air in your rental property and keep air and heat efficiency at a max no matter what the outdoor environment may be.

Don’t Forget to Get to the Gutters

Because of their sky-high placement, gutters can be easy to overlook. That said, when they get clogged and create problems, it’s the only thing that’s going to be top of mind. Gutters have the important job of moving rainwater away from the roof and out towards retention areas. A clogged gutter can easily overflow, potentially causing damage to the side of the home as well as the foundation over time. A simple way to avoid this and keep your rental property looking great and working efficiently is to make sure to schedule gutter cleaning for both summer and spring vacation home maintenance. If you don’t’ feel comfortable taking to the roof to get the job done independently, local companies can be booked to handle the task well in advance of an appointment. This way a clogged gutter never gets overlooked.

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