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If you have not experienced St. Simons Island yet, you need to start planning for your trip today. There is no need to wait for anyone to join you, as St. Simons Island is the perfect destination for solo travelers. Here is what you can expect with a solo trip to St. Simons Island:

Take a Biplane Tour on Your Trip to St. Simons Island

If you want to see St. Simons Island from hundreds of feet in the air, make sure you take a local biplane tour. Coastal Biplane Tours offers just that with exciting tours over the island. A pilot will take you around island by air and show you all the best sights. You can even let them know if there is anything you want to see in particular.

Relax on the Beach

Spend the warmer seasons of the year relaxing on a nearby beach on St. Simons Island. Our beaches are pristine and clean, allowing you to relax in peace. The island continues to go out of its way to preserve the beaches, including the dunes and rocky shorelines too. Once you are ready to take a dip, swim out into the water. Guests have seen aquatic wildlife such as sea turtles swim right by them off the shore.

Try Your Hand at Fishing

Like any other island in the region, St. Simons Island features incredible fishing conditions you will want to take advantage of. Some of the best fishing spots are best accessed off the coast and require a charter to get to. Join Southeastern Angling and have them take you to incredible fishing spots in the area. You will be practically guaranteed to reel up a huge catch during your trip.

Practice Your Swing

Another relaxing activity that is perfect to do on your own is go for a round of golf. The King and Prince Resort features an incredible golf course. Prepare for beautiful weather and green grass that will have you playing your best game yet. Make sure to grab a bite to eat or order a drink at the clubhouse afterwards.

More to Enjoy on St. Simons Island

You will enjoy an incredible trip to St. Simons Island when on your own. Our vacation rentals can be found all over the island and will keep you comfortable throughout your stay. For solo travelers, we recommend 148 King and Prince for a cozy stay. Call today and see which rentals will be available for your trip!

Another new year means it’s time for another Valentine’s Day holiday here in St. Simons Island. Our island paradise is the perfect destination to book a romantic getaway for two. We offer a variety of romantic activities that will help you celebrate your love in style and with a little fun too. Here are some romantic GA activities for you to enjoy in St. Simons Island this year:

Sunset Walk Down the Beach

If you are on an island you have to explore the many beaches around you. St. Simons Island is completely encompassed by beautiful beaches you and your loved one can walk down. Take your romance to the next level with a beautiful sunset walk (or venture out at sunrise if you are an early riser) down the beach. Our vacation rentals are located near many of the beaches on the island. Some of the most popular beaches you can access include East Beach and St. Simons Public Beach.

Climb Up St. Simons Island Lighthouse

If you enjoy a little bit of history, make sure you stop by the St. Simons Island Lighthouse Museum. You and your loved one can learn more about St. Simons Island while climbing your way to the top. This 129-step lighthouse features some of the best views of the island. This is the perfect spot to grab photos together or make a proposal. Keep in mind that the lighthouse closes when the museum does at 5:00 PM during the week.

Dolphin Tours

With St. Simons Island situated on the East Coast you can expect plenty of aquatic wildlife to be in the surrounding water. One romantic activity we highly encourage is the extremely popular dolphin tours through Cap Fendig Tours. These incredible tours can be enjoyed at sunset as you and your boat guide traversing the water looking for dolphins. Valentine’s Day is a great time of year to fine plenty of dolphins jumping in and out of the water. Tickets start at just $27 per person; you can reserve your tickets today by calling 912-638-3333.

Romance is in the Air in Romantic GA St. Simons Island

Valentine’s Day does not get any better than when you celebrate it on St. Simons Island. Take a look at our vacation rental catalog or give us a call to see which rental entices you. Stones Throw Cottage will give you and your loved one great alone time. Each rental features luxury amenities, allowing you to enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day this year.

If you have yet to experience St. Simons Island, we highly recommend joining us during the late winter and early spring seasons. The island is typically not as busy, and you can still enjoy everything that makes St. Simons Island so special. This includes exclusive events that occur during the early 2020 season. Take a look at what you can expect when you visit St. Simons Island at the start of 2020:

A Taste of Glynn

Enjoy the annual culinary delight of A Taste of Glynn. This special fundraiser raises funds for the Glynn County Community Crisis Center each year at The King and Prince. Expect to find some delicious homecooked food along with an evening of drinks and friendly conversations. The 2020 edition of A Taste of Glynn will take place on Sunday, January 19th from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. This is an all-ages event, so make sure to bring the kids with you!

The Roaring Twenties Revived Cabaret

There is no question that the “Roaring 20s” continues to be a decade everyone is fascinated by. The lively costumes and elegant galas are something to be missed in our day and age. Take a step back into the 20s with The Roaring Twenties Revived Cabaret, a signature event benefitting the Symphony of Georgia on Sea Island. Simply take one of the many ferries from St. Simons Island to reach your destination that will include an evening with cocktails, exquisite art, fine jewelry, and more. A seated dinner is provided along with other libations. This 2020 event will take place on Friday, January 24th at the Cloister Ballroom. Don’t miss this event and be sure to visit St. Simons Island!

Storytelling Festival

If you are captivated by live storytelling and engaging readings, make sure you do not miss out on the Storytelling Festival. This exciting event takes place at Epworth by the Sea on St. Simons Island from February 14th through February 16th. Featured storytellers for this year’s event include Shelia Arnold, Andy Offutt Irwin, Anne Rutherford, and more. Additional activities of the event include kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing, golfing, and much more.

Time to Enjoy a Visit to St. Simons Island

The early 2020 season will be off to a great start thanks to these incredible events. Start planning your visit to St. Simons Island today by reserving one of our vacation rentals in the area. Each rental comes fully furnished and offers resort-like amenities without the noisy neighbors. Call today and see which of our fantastic rentals is available for your stay!

There is nothing better than bringing in the new year with a relaxing stay in St. Simons Island. This coastal paradise features exciting events year-round that will keep you engaged and wanting to go back again. The same can be said for the New Year’s events that occur on the island. Here is how you can have the perfect New Year’s on St. Simons Island:

New Year’s Eve at The King and Prince Beach

If you want to bring in the new year with exciting live music and a delicious dining experience, look no further than The King and Prince Beach and Golf Resort. This local resort offers some of the best food in all of St. Simons Island. They will be celebrating the new year with unique performances by Monique Cothern and Noah Cothern and The Guys in Ties. The event starts at 6:00 PM with music ending at 12:30 AM. Naturally, a champagne toast will be included to celebrate the right way. We offer a condo rental in the King and Prince Resort itself, but we also have many rental options outside the resort if you would prefer a quieter experience.

Ghosts and Legends of Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation

Enjoy a unique event only available in the coastal Georgia area and do New Year’s on St. Simons Island right. The Ghosts of Legends of Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation is a haunted tour of Georgia’s most haunted and famous plantation and is available throughout the year. The special New Year’s Eve version provides a similar experience by taking you back in time and exploring the plantation’s surroundings. Participants will be able to ring the historic plantation bell at the stroke of midnight to bring in the new year while sipping on sparkling cider. This New Year’s Eve special event starts at 10:00 PM and ends at 12:30 AM. Make sure you dress warm and wear appropriate hiking shoes, as you will be walking for over a mile. Reservations are required in advance to attend this popular event in Brunswick. Call 912-264-7333 to get started.

New Year’s on St. Simons Island

There is so much to do when you vacation to the coastal paradise of St Simons Island. Make sure you reserve our luxury vacation rentals in advance to avoid the crowds at local hotels while still having access to all the necessities. Each property comes equipped with the best amenities, ensuring you will have a comfortable New Year’s on St. Simons Island stay. Call today to book your St. Simons Island New Year’s getaway!

St. Simons Island celebrates all the exciting holidays on the calendar, but Christmas is an extra-special time of year. Make sure you enjoy the best Christmas trip imaginable by taking a look at the many ways you can celebrate a St Simons Island Christmas:

Santa Cinema

During the holiday season, there is nothing better than cozying up to enjoy your favorite holiday movie. Well, on St. Simons Island, you can do just that with Santa Claus himself! Your children will be able to tell him what toys they want for the season and catch a movie with him. Make sure to enjoy hot cocoa while you enjoy a delightful screening of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Santa Cinema will take place on December 6th this year.

Christmas Tour of Lights

From December 13th through the 27th, you can join Lighthouse Trolleys on their annual Tour of Lights. This family event is a 90-minute tour that will take you across St. Simons Island. You will see all the amazing St Simons Island Christmas lights adorning local homes and businesses. The tour ride is offered daily during this two-week period, so make sure you enjoy this all-ages event during your stay!

Kids Holiday Workshop

Let your children have some creative fun by participating in this year’s Kid’s Holiday Workshop. This unique tradition is at Tinted Tide, where kids are encouraged to paint a holiday masterpiece, make their own personalized candle, or create a mixed media project. This artistic workshop will help them create and bring home a unique item that will help them forever remember your trip. The Kid’s Holiday Workshop is only available on December 19th and 20th.

Christmas Brunch Buffet

There is no bad time for brunch when vacationing on St. Simons Island. Make sure to get your Christmas fill of a decadent brunch at The King & Prince. Their restaurant offers everyone the chance to enjoy their Christmas Brunch Buffet starting at 11:00 AM on Christmas Day itself. The menu will feature seasonal dishes such as Pumpkin Bisque, Lobster Chowder, Pancakes, Brioche French Toast, Peach Melba, and so much more. Plates start at $72 per adult and $25 for children ages 6 to 25.

More to Enjoy for Your St Simons Island Christmas

Now is the perfect time to start planning for your St. Simons Island holiday getaway. Let our exclusive vacation rentals keep you warm and comfortable for your St Simons Island Christmas holiday!

There is something special about celebrating the winter season on the cozy coast of St. Simons Island. In addition to our comforting vacation rentals, you can find abundant holiday cheer and other activities to make for an inviting stay. Here is what your winter St. Simons Island getaway can look like:

Perfect Winter Temps

There is no reason to spend another winter season stuck indoors staring out at ugly gray skies and slushy, ice-covered ground. Instead, beat the cold by making your way to St. Simons Island. Our winter temperatures stay around the mid-60s all season long. While this may not be ideal beach weather, it is more than comfortable for some adventures spent outdoors. A light jacket is all you need to get out and enjoy your hard-earned vacation.

The Off-Season for Tourism

St. Simons Island is typically in high gear for the tourism season during the midst of summer. The winter season is quieter and often cheaper, with many local attractions dropping prices for the season. You will not have to wait in any lines or be disappointed when you find exciting activities already booked full. While beaches are restricted during the summer for dogs, you will find them completely open during the winter. Do not let your furry companion miss out on the fun. Let your money go further when you escape reality during your St. Simons Island getaway!

Rare Wildlife During Your St. Simons Island Getaway

St. Simons Island is located in the popular Golden Isles that are frequented by rare wildlife during the winter. You may be able to see reclusive animals such as North Atlantic right whales, merganser ducks, and even bald eagles in person during your stay. Local tours of the islands will show you all the areas these rare animals like to frequent.

Holiday Cheer

St. Simons Island offers plenty of holiday cheer with exciting events all winter long. These holiday events can range from parades to Christmas performances and more. If you do not mind hopping over to any of the other Golden Isles, you will find even more holiday events waiting for you. Getting over is as simple as taking one of the many ferries offered every day!

Get Ready for Winter on St. Simons Island

Let the winter season be yours with a rewarding St. Simons Island getaway. Our vacation rentals will keep you comfortable and just minutes away from all the activities offered in town. Rentals like Bare Feet Retreat are even decorated for Christmas! Contact us today to get started on your winter journey to St. Simons Island, Georgia!

Do not settle for a boring, old vacation that you have taken plenty of times before. Instead, explore the options you have by visiting St. Simons Island for an incredible holiday getaway like no other. Enjoy an island vacation that still has the feel of a holiday back at home. Here is what makes a St Simons Island vacation the best experience possible for the holidays:

Access to Activities That are Busy in the Summer

Holiday vacations to St. Simons Island are during a season where traffic to the island is at the lowest time during the year. Do not let the reduced population on the island fool you into thinking that visiting in the winter is a bad time; instead, you will have access to activities that are typically booked full throughout the summer. The Lady Jane is one such popular attraction where you can go shrimping with Jane herself. See what the sea life is like for yourself with this popular activity. Local beaches also restrict access to pets during the summer months. However, your dogs are more than welcome to join your family for the holidays—just make sure to clean up after them so everyone else can enjoy the beach too!

Glorious Weather During the Holidays

Leave your winter coat back home when you travel to St. Simons Island for any of the winter holidays. Instead of snow, you will find temperatures in the mid-60s that allow you to feel comfortable with just a light jacket. This can be a breath of fresh air if you come from colder climates such as the Midwest where your home might already be covered in snow!

Holiday Attractions

Not only can you enjoy popular attractions that are often busy in the summer but also seasonal activities. Go ice skating on nearby Jekyll Island where the Skating Village is set up for the winter. Additional seasonal attractions include the Sea Island Half Marathon, where you can choose between a 5K or half marathon course. Finish the race and enjoy the champagne brunch and after party!

So Much to Do During the Holidays on a St. Simons Island Vacation

These are just a few of the many reasons that keep our guests returning to our exclusive vacation rentals during the holidays year after year. Get ready for your own holiday adventure by reserving one of our St Simons Island vacation rentals today!

We understand there are many incredible vacation spots to enjoy in Georgia, but there is something truly special about St. Simons Island. This vacation destination has so many unique attractions and activities to entertain you for your entire trip. Let us take care of your rental needs by reserving a rental from Lilmar Properties. Here is what our St Simons properties can offer you:

Locally Owned Vacation Rentals

Some rental agencies on St. Simons Island do not reside on the island itself. We believe that in order to provide the best lodging experience possible, you need an agency who is just minutes away during your stay. Lilmar Vacations is locally owned operated and boasts over 15 years of experience. We strive to make each guest stay memorable. If you ever need anything during your stay, make sure to give your rental agent a quick phone call for assistance!

Various St Simons Properties Sizes

We invite families of all sizes to come to St. Simons Island and enjoy our beautiful St Simons properties. Our rental properties start at smaller sizes such as our two bedroom rentals like Island Marshwood that are perfect for romantic getaways. Larger rentals like Highland House make it easy for bigger families to have plenty of space in which to relax. We also make sure our privately owned rentals feature enough bathrooms because we all know how tough it is for a family to share a single bathroom! Best of all, a large majority of our rentals such as 306 St. Simons Grand have oceanside views or are located right on the beach for the best experience possible. We even have coastal cottages for those looking for a cozy retreat by the beach.

All the Amenities You Want

You will find everything you need inside our vacation rentals. Expect to find common amenities such as free Wi-Fi, full size appliances, flat screen TVs, satellite or cable, BBQ grills, gourmet kitchens (check out Enchanted Cottage), and more. Patio decks and private yards are available with our larger rentals like Demere Beach Cottage so you can enjoy the beautiful coastal weather. Each room is decked out in fresh linens so you do not have to worry about changing any sheets.

Get Ready for St. Simons Island

At Lilmar Vacations we make sure your vacation getaway to St. Simons Island is the best it can possibly be. Book one of our exclusive vacation rentals on the island today to experience what a locally operated rental company can offer. Contact our rental experts today and we’ll help you find the rental size you need decked out with incredible amenities.

St. Simons Island has all you need for a great vacation, including delicious local cafes. You will be able to fuel up during the morning for breakfast or find your next favorite lunch spot. Here are the top cafes and coffee shops on St Simons Island we think you should check out on St. Simons Island:

Palmer’s Village Cafe

You will feel right at home when visiting Palmer’s Village Cafe. This unique and cozy café features incredible breakfast and lunch fare with no bad entrées on the menu. You also will not find boring entrees but instead unique twists on classic favorites. Locals rave over the Maple Glazed Bacon French Toast and Blueberry and Chocolate Chip Pancakes. For lunch, try the Spinach Salad Hamburger or Pimento Salad. The coffee refills are always free and you can even pair your meal with all the classic fixings. Palmer’s Village Café is open daily from 7:30am to 2:00pm.

Mallery Street Café

You will find no frowny faces when you dine in at Mallery Street Café. This family run café features delicious breakfast and lunch entrees in a casual setting. Dine inside or enjoy an outdoor patio table to relax under the beautiful St. Simons Island temperature. Mallery Street Café makes sure each entrée comes in large portions (enough to take home with you) and at a reasonable price. You can even call in a takeout order that will still be unbelievably fresh. Mallery Street Café is open for breakfast and lunch.

Café Frederica

One of the longest running cafes found on St. Simons Island is Café Frederica. This breakfast and lunch favorite features a colorful interior and menu items that are sure to be loved by your family. Expect to find classic favorites for breakfast such as made to order omelets and French toast. The lunch menu also includes tasty yet delicious items that will not have you feeling guilty about your meal. Café Frederica is open daily from 7:30am to 2:00pm; make sure to stop in early on the weekends as the café is extremely popular!

More to Choose from on St. Simons Island

When you vacation on St. Simons Island you will have these incredible café options and so much more to choose from. Relax in one of our exclusive vacation rentals available all over the island. Call today and let our rental experts find you the perfect vacation rental for your stay!

There is nothing better than exploring the incredible surroundings of St. Simons Island during your vacation getaway. Let our local tour companies help you see all the sights without you having to worry about any planning. Here are the best St Simons Island tours to take:

Kids Fishing with Billy Bee Charters

St. Simons Island is known for some of the best fishing in the area. Now kids can join in on the fun with a kid friendly fishing charter from Billy Bee Charters. Captain Billy Bice will help your children form memories to last a lifetime by helping them catch the biggest fish they can find. The kids will learn how to bait hooks and learning how to cast with their fishing rods. There is no one better to show your kids their first time with fishing than Capt. Billy. Expect plenty of offshore fishing where you can catch sharks and more!

St. Simons Colonial Island Trolley Tours

St. Simons Island has a rich history that goes back to the colonial era. You can see all the historic sites with a unique tour through St. Simons Colonial Island Trolley Tours. Let these trolleys show you around the island while keeping you comfortable and able to listen to the knowledgeable driver. Even locals will find out details surrounding St. Simons Island that they never knew. St. Simons Colonial Island Trolley Tours is the perfect experience for a family outing or just hanging out with friends.

Coastal Biplane Tours

Now that you have seen St. Simons Island from the sea and from land, it is time to take a tour of the skies! Coastal Biplane Tours will have you sitting in a nostalgic 1940 Waco UPF-7 biplane for a unique tour like no other. Your flight can range from 20 to 60 minutes depending on the tour and will show you around St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, and Little Cumberland Island. Captain Phil has been serving St. Simons Island for years and knows all the best spots locals and visitors want to see.

Don’t Miss These Incredible Tours

St. Simons Island is best seen with one of these many incredible tours currently available. Our vacation rentals on St. Simons Island will keep you close to all of the exciting attractions and more. Simply give us a call today and starting planning for your St. Simons Island getaway.