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Golden Isles Olive Oil

Humankind has cultivated the olive for more than 10,000 years, and while the exact origins of this miraculous fruit are shrouded in the mists of history, most pomologists (fruit experts) agree the olive tree arose somewhere in the Mediterranean. Today, olive oil is ubiquitous throughout our everyday lives, not only because it tastes delicious, but also due to its healthful benefits. However, not all olive oil companies produce this fine, viscous gold in the same way; some makers, like Golden Isles Olive Oil, use quality processes and others use commercial mass production methods.

Golden Oils from Golden Isles Olive Oil

Golden Isles Olive Oil procures the best olives from all around the world, based on the harvest in the southern and northern hemispheres. For example, in the southern hemisphere, Golden Isles imports product from Chile, Argentina, Australia, and South Africa, and in the northern hemisphere, they import olives from Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal. In addition to their premium extra virgin olive oils, they provide fused oils with blends such as roasted almond and walnut as well as exotic flavors that include blood orange, black truffle and bacon.

Balsamic Gold

Golden Isles is also a fine purveyor of balsamic vinegar, but not the type of sour vinegar you find for a low price in your grocer’s aisle; this is the real stuff, the tart nectar of the gods imported from its birthplace, Modena, Italy. Here, Golden Isles sells balsamic vinegar from Modena or Reggio, where the makers use Trebbiano (red) or Spergola (white) grapes to create a milky reduction of a delicate character. This aged reduction goes through the Solera method, similar to the style of making Jerez, or sherry in Spain. Additionally, just as with their olive oils, Golden Isles Olive Oil offer a wide variety of infused balsamic reductions that include flavors such as black cherry, cinnamon pear, red apple, pomegranate, and strawberry. The white flavors include passion fruit, key lime, cranberry, peach, and coconut! Each flavor is undoubtedly unique; however, you can use these infusions on so many dishes!

Wine Bar & More

Naturally, before you try any oil or balsamic, it would help to try some of them before buying. Fortunately, Golden Isles contains a wine bar where not only can you taste oils and balsamic, but you can also enjoy a glass of wine and create your own cheese board to accompany them. In addition to the wine bar, Golden Isles Olive Oil hosts monthly events that include tastings, cooking classes and the friendly folks can even help plan a wedding, private party, anniversary or any other memorable event.

Enjoy the unique flavors of infused olive oil and more on your St. Simons Island journey when you plan your stay with Lilmar Properties!