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Top Winter Things to Do in St. Simons Island

St. Simons Island is an inviting and undoubtedly scenic year-round destination for travelers from near and far to enjoy. That said, if you’re the type of adventurer who could do without the crowds and wants to put an emphasis on the fun, heading this way in the winter is a great choice.

St. Simons Island enjoys mild winter temperatures, and because so many residents stay year-round, there’s no need to worry about businesses being closed in the off-seasons. Instead, you’ll find a vibrant island atmosphere waiting to greet you without having to worry about throngs of others booking those activities you’re looking forward to ahead of you.

That makes planning a winter getaway that much more exciting. There’s little that’s not accessible this time of year so travelers have the freedom to pick and choose from activities that might be too crowded to enjoy during the summer months. If you’re the type of adventurer who can’t wait to expand on an already packed itinerary, a winter getaway to St. Simons Island is sure to inspire. The following are just a few of many winter things to do in St Simons Island when your travel plans bring you this way this winter.

Head Over to Fort Frederica

If encountering historical landmarks is something that you enjoy, a wintertime trip to Fort Frederica on St. Simons Island is an absolute must! This fort is considered a National Historic Site and offers guests a chance to wander through a place that once guarded the Georgia coastline from Spanish invaders. When you drop by, take time to marvel at the Fort itself but be sure to make time to visit the small museum as well when you’re looking for even more insight into the important role this fort played in Georgia’s history. A trip to Fort Frederica also provides a chance to enjoy stunning winter marsh views so it’s likely a stop you’re going to want to have your camera ready for too!

Visit Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation

You’ve got to head off island just a little for this one, but the trip is worth the effort. In the summer months, Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation promises to be filled with visitors. In the winter, visitors can enjoy a more tranquil environment as they get a first-hand look at how a southern rice plantation functioned once upon a time. Today, the Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation has made its way onto the list of Georgia’s State Historic Sites. A visit to an educational St Simons things to do is a chance for travelers to gain more insight into what life on a rice farm would have been like and how the role of the plantation has changed in modern times.

Enjoy Shrimping

Winter on St. Simons Island is the perfect time to try your hand at shrimping—or at least accompany a professional while they do the job! Hop on board the Lady Jane which fills up fast in the summer but has more room to accommodate guests in the winter months. This shrimp boat provides travelers with an on-the-water experience that promises to be exciting and ultimately, one of a kind. As you sail along, trawls will bring up sea life for close examination and release. It’s a learning opportunity that’s just as engaging as it is educational!

Spend Some Time Birding

The mild temperatures year-round paired with the marsh landscape and pristine shorelines make St. Simons Island an oasis of fun for those with a passion for birding. A variety of migratory species make their way this direction when the temperatures fall which means that no matter which beach you choose to enjoy, you’re likely to come across a plethora of winged creatures worth enjoying through the lens of binoculars. Both Gould’s Inlet and East Beach tend to be hotspots for spying an array of migratory birds in the winter, making this one of the best things to do in St Simons. Birds of prey, waterfowl, song birds and shorebirds are all readily available for the watching. Some of the most commonly noted species in this area include the black skimmer, bald eagles, painted buntings, least terns, northern gannets, and American oystercatchers just to name a few!

Book Your Winter Adventure Today

There’s no reason to wait when you’re ready to enjoy a winter getaway to St. Simons Island and no better time than now to reserve your stay. When you’re headed here this winter, or have travel plans that bring you this direction any other time of year, be sure to partner with the property professionals at Lilmar Vacations. We’ll help take care of your accommodation details so you can simply focus on the fun. Knowing you’re staying in a location that’s close to the places you can’t wait to explore is always a delight! Reach out today to learn more about our many area property options and to start planning your next incredible trip.