If you are looking to get away from the ordinary back home and experience an incredible fall getaway, choose St. Simons Island! St. Simons Island experiences a very mild fall season, allowing you to bask in very enjoyable temperatures without the crowds of a typical summer season. Take a look at how you can have a blast in St. Simons Island this fall:

Explore the Golden Marshes On Your Getaway to St Simons Island

Exploring the marshes located all over the island is a popular activity anytime of the year. Pick up a kayak rental and navigate your way through these beautiful areas. While the marsh grasses are a vibrant green in the summer, they turn to a golden hue in fall that gives this area the name “Golden Isles.” Locals say spending a sunset in the marsh is a magical experience as the sunlight shines off the golden grass.

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Relax at the Beach

As mentioned, the fall season is much slower than the summer. This gives you plenty of opportunities to relax at one of the local beaches on your next getaway to St Simons Island. You will not need to worry about finding a parking spot early or claiming a spot on the beach before others do. Visitors can sunbath in peace or take a beautiful walk down the shore. East Beach is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches that needs to be visited during your fall stay.

Ride Along the Bike Paths

Get outdoors and start exploring the many trails found around St. Simons Island. You can pick up a rental bike in town and traverse over 30 miles of bike paths. These trails go along Frederica Road, local shopping districts, and plenty of restaurants, giving you enough places to stop and rest at. All around St. Simons Island are beautiful oak trees and river views, so you can expect a plenty of sights along the way. Try to keep an eye out for the popular tree spirits carved into many of the oak trees for an exciting game with the family!

More to Do on St. Simons Island

As you can see, the fall season is the perfect time to getaway and enjoy everything there is to see on St. Simons Island. Our vacation rentals can be found all over the island and offer plenty of luxurious amenities and home features. Take a look at how our rentals will offer you the best fall getaway yet!

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