With COVID-19 sticking around for the foreseeable future, medical experts continue to advise individuals to keep their distance from others. However, it’s still possible to have an exciting vacation getaway to St. Simons Island while staying safe. St. Simons Island offers plenty of activities that can be enjoyed in isolation. Here are some of our favorite isolated St. Simons Island activities found on the island:

Kayaking in St. Simons Island

What better way to explore St. Simons Island than to do so from the water? Many of the local rental shops offer kayak rentals by the hour or day. While you may not be able to take off everywhere on the island, you can practically explore everything by water. Kayaking in St. Simons Island is a great way to see the sights without being around crowds of people.

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One great way to stay away from others is to hit the golf course. St. Simons Island features several different golf courses. Many of them are now implementing new safety precautions to encourage social distancing. Now more than ever you will not see as many people on the course at once. Golf is very popular during our busier seasons of the year, so make sure you place a reservation in advance with courses such as the Sea Island Golf Club.

Track Down the Tree Spirits

All across St. Simons Island are the famous tree spirits that can be found carved into numerous trees. Some of them have been etched into the oak trees for years, while new ones continue to mysteriously pop up out of nowhere. If you want help tracking down these famous fables, simply visit the St. Simons Island Welcome Center and find out how.


If you are on an island, you know you need to try out fishing at some point. You can do so by booking a private charter. These charters will take you out into the water and give you plenty of time to reel up your trophy catch. The only people around you will be those who you bring with you and your captain. A fishing charter will be your ideal isolated activity on the water.

More Fun on St. Simons Island

These isolated activities and much more await you on St. Simons Island. Call today and see how our exclusive vacation rentals will keep you close to the action and help you stay safe and comfortable.

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